CEO Letter

[Entertainment Division]

“Greetings, employees, customers, shareholders and partners joining us in our journey to lead the cultural industry.”

CJ ENM is driving the growth of Korea’s content industry.
We deliver content that entertains and resonates with people across the world.
With accomplishment as the No.1 company in Korea,we are pressing forward on our journey toward global expansion.
CJ ENM set a global trend on the strength of premium IP and high-quality content, encompassing drama series, entertainment shows, music, and film,while raising the competitiveness and profile of K-content worldwide.
Going forward, CJ ENM will play a leading role in innovating the entertainment industry for further growth on the strength of outstanding content competitiveness.

Setting 2021 as the first year for sustainable management, CJ ENM has put our mind to bringing ESG management into full swing.
We have shaped our ESG management philosophy,‘Creating a More Valuable World with captivating content and brand experiences’,pervading through every aspect of our business while fulfilling our responsibilities as a leading player in the entertainment industry and serving our duties as member of the global society.
CJ ENM will preserve the environment and bring a virtuous cycle to the eco-system of the industry across all stages of the business ranging from content planning, production to distribution.
Efforts will also be made to concentrate the genuine corporate culture where ethics & compliance and human rights are fully respected.

We firmly believe in the power of content as well as its influence on society.
CJ ENM envision a society where viewers across the globe talk about a more valuable world, and diversity in our stories are delivered to more people.
We are well cognizant that this is the very first value that content and the entertainment industry should create.
CJ ENM will put in efforts to connect viewers to the world through the ‘Good Impact of Content’.

Starting with this report, we, as corporate citizens, will actively realize the future value and philosophy that underpins our ESG implementation.
CJ ENM will work hand in hand with our employees, customers, shareholders, and partners to vault into a global total entertainment company.
We look forward to your unwavering support and attention to our journey towards a sustainable future facing challenges head-on with ceaseless innovation.

Thank you.
Kang, Ho Sung

[Commerce Division]

“I convey my gratitude to all stakeholders for supporting our efforts to create the world more valuable.”

CJ ENM announced the goal of ‘suggesting a future lifestyle that is an inspiration to society’ when launching the integrated brand ‘CJ ONSTYLE’ in 2021, striving to transform the business structure to a mobile-centric one based on The ONLYONE philosophy.
We will continue to bring selective brands, lifestyles, and unique shopping experiences through CJ ONSTYLE, while securing the NO.1 position in the live commerce sector and the top 5 in e-commerce.
We will accomplish it by enhancing the live commerce channel as well as the mobile shopping mall specializing in three big categories, including living, fashion, and beauty, tailored to female consumers aged between 35 and 54.
CJ ENM will grow further as a trusted commerce company, offering a joyful shopping experience to customers.

CJ ENM makes multi-faceted efforts to lead the global ESG trend.
Acknowledging ESG as a new market order and future lifestyle, we have established ESG management goals and strategies while being equipped with mid- to long-term investment plans to mitigate carbon emissions and expand the use of eco-friendly energy.
Our ‘All Eco Packaging’ strategy, set for increasing the use of environmentally friendly packaging, is being applied in greater areas encompassing partner companies besides CJ ENM.

‘CJ ONSTYLE’s ‘value consumption’ is at the heart of CJ ENM.
It is a clear manifestation of our robust intention to provide a live shopping service that respects not only customers’ tastes but also their value. 
Taking full advantage of the know-how on customer experience management earned through TV home shopping business, we will provide products and services palatable to customer tastes and value. 
And I promise that we will never stop relenting in these efforts to deliver ‘value consumption’ in full.

Our customers and stakeholders are the top priority of our entire business. 
Therefore, we are profoundly grateful for your interest and support. 
Our investment in creating a Win-Win ESG ecosystem will continue in collaboration with a number of industry partners, and at the same time, we will ceaselessly communicate with more stakeholders for the development of the local community as a corporate member of the society. 
We will reinvent ourselves as a trend leader in the e-commerce market. 
It would be highly appreciated if you could encourage and support us through this journey. 

Thank you.
Heo, Min Ho