'ENM JEJU office', New Way of Working

CJ ENM has introduced a remote work place system on a pilot basis under the concept of ‘Worcation’
with the firm belief that remote working would allow employees to work freely anytime and anywhere,
thereby empowering them to come up with more creative ideas.
This program enables our employees to enjoy their work and life on Jeju Island,
one of the representative vacation destinations.
The Worcation system is in its pilot stage, under 10 employees are working at the Jeju Office
every month with a KRW 2 million of accommodation is provided for each.
The system will be evaluated in terms of its work efficiency and employees’ satisfaction,
and then we intend to operate this system on a regular basis to have more employees benefit from it.

* Worcation: It is a compound word of work and vacation. Worcation system is a new type of
work system that allows employees to do work and enjoy a vacation at the same time.