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What is the Hotline?

The Hotline receives reports on misconduct by CJ ENM employees concerning unfair business decisions or unreasonable demands and corrupt acts by abuse of position.

When you submit a report to CJ ENM, you may choose to use your real name or remain anonymous. To reinforce anonymity, CJ ENM receives reports also via an external third party. For an anonymous report, the identity of the reporter and details of the report are thoroughly protected by information security systems provided by an external third party. For a real-name report, confidentiality is also guaranteed through a minimized process for report submission and handling, and securing confidentiality agreements with employees handling such cases.

Major Cases Subject to Reporting
  • Unlawful or unfair business practices

    • Corruption/irregularities and unreasonable demands by individual staff
    • Unfair equity participation in partner companies and dual job holding
    • Embezzlement/misappropriation of public funds and receipt of bribes
    • Illegal or wrongful use of company assets
    • Manipulation and false report of documents and figures
    • Leakage of company’s management information including business secrets
  • Grievances incurred upon partner companies

    • Damage caused by unfair business decisions
    • Unreasonable demands by abuse of position
    • Lack of transparency in vendor selection
    • Violations of co-prosperity management, such as leakage of supplier information
    • Unethical speech and conduct by current employees
  • Issues related to organizational culture

    • Business process that is irrational or requires improvement
    • Power abuse within the company and workplace harassment
    • Sexual harassment or any disorderly conduct
    • Issues with potential to damage organizational culture including labor relations issues