CEO Message

Dear our stakeholders,

I am Yoon, Sang Hyun, CEO of CJ ENM.


It is a true pleasure to greet you with our ESG Report that describes CJ ENM's journey toward a more valuable world.


2022 was a year of uncertain changes and unprecedentedly fierce competition due to concerns about the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and slowdown in the economy. Despite the challenging environment, CJ ENM did not settle for the present and strived for growth toward a sustainable future based on its unrivaled competitiveness.


The Commerce Division expanded its business with a One Platform strategy that encompasses television and mobile, and the Entertainment Division elevated the status of K-content by expanding its global influence.


In addition to business growth in 2022, we laid the foundations for ESG management, which is directly related to corporate survival, and took the lead in establishing an ESG management culture to create a healthy industrial ecosystem.


CJ ENM is implementing an eco-friendly business strategy, protecting human rights, and strengthening ethical management.


Acutely aware of the various social issues that the world is facing, such as climate change, human rights protection, and supply chain management, CJ ENM has taken the most fundamental and realistic steps that we can realize for the sustainable development of mankind, nature, and our industry.


We obtained ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management, and laid the foundation for carbon reduction in the entire business process, through measures ranging from improving the broadcasting production infrastructure, such as introducing a media wall for the first time in the industry, using eco-friendly packaging materials, and supporting suppliers. In addition, through strengthening human rights and ethical management, we are building an environment where the human rights of various stakeholders, such as employees, customers, partners, and creators, are respected, and our content and brand can be created based on fairness and honesty.


CJ ENM is creating a virtuous cycle ecosystem of industry for everyone with the right ESG culture.


The Commerce Division announced new ESG philosophy ‘YESGO’ as an affirmation of our will to pursue mutual growth with partners, and the Entertainment Division launched the ‘ECP Initiative’ for the development of the natural environment and industrial ecosystem.


As a leading company in the industry and a corporate citizen in the global society, CJ ENM will take responsibility for creating an ecosystem for a sustainable industry and disclose the entire process of promoting ESG virtuous cycle activities transparently to stakeholders.


I would like to ask for your continued interest and support for CJ ENM's sincere will to pursue challenges and innovations toward a sustainable future.


Thank you.



Yoon, Sang Hyun