CJ E&M DIA TV Unveils Creativity Support Solution ‘Econnection’

2월. 21. 2018
On the 20th, CJ E&M's independent creator support project 'DIA TV' announced that it has unveiled 'Econnection,' a creativity support solution focusing on ▲content open market ▲statistical analysis, and ▲copyright support. Econnection refers to the creation of a symbiotic Ecosystem through the Connection of advertisers and creators based on digital content. 
Econnection's content open market system places emphasis on spreading quality jobs by enhancing the job value of creators through the income diversification of independent creators. It consists of the ‘Open Studio,’ where advertisers or their agencies select proposals written by creators, and the ‘Creative Contest,’ where creators make applications after checking advertisers’ campaign plans.

The system promotes a win-win relationship between creators and subscribers by providing the former with an environment conducive to more creative contents while offering the latter opportunities to enjoy upgraded videos.
In addition, the system provides an integrated analysis of creators’ data by platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the areas of ▲the number of videos ▲the number of views ▲the number of subscribers ▲the viewing time ▲the content trends by period and the content statistics of up to the top 50. It is also designed to strategically produce content by comparing the creator's channel reaction volume with that of top 5 and bottom 5 based on his/her own criteria, along with the creators’ ranking according to the content response volume.
The company has also created a system that allows creators to freely download about 40,000 music files and 1,000 fonts to create content by resolving copyrights for music and fonts, which are considered essential elements for video creation. Furthermore, it is expected to help creators save time spent researching data in the creative process by allowing DIA TV partner creators to share the sound source and font usage history with one another. 
In addition to the web version, the Android app 'DIATV ECONNECTION' can be downloaded for Econnection services. On top of such creator support solutions, DIA TV plans to expand its education and global experience programs with an aim to enhance creators’ value as a profession and focus on actively nurturing creators with content competitiveness in the global market.

DIA TV, which has expanded creators’ activities in commerce, original content production, and festivals has a total of 140 million subscribers and an average of 1.7 billion content views per month, proving the formula that 'nurturing independent creators leads to job creation and industrialization.'