CJ E&M’s New Channel 'XtvN' Opens on Jan 19 as tvN's Entertainment Channel Targeting the Taste of Millennials

12월. 13. 2017
XtvN' plans to debut an entertainment-specialized broadcast featuring ingenuous content targeting the taste of 'millennials.'
Millennials, born between the 1980s and the early 2000s, actively consume more diverse content on various media platforms available on the Internet and mobile devices than any other generations. 

'XtvN' plans to meet the tastes of millennials by developing content specialized for 'entertainment' (including voluntary play, exercise, hobbies, and travel) and adding tvN's unique sensibility and production capabilities. 

The 'X' in the channel name contains the meanings of 'unknown,’ 'exciting,' 'collaboration,' and 'multiplication,' symbolizing the channel’s aspirations to provide unpredictable entertainment, new types of entertainment produced in collaboration with various genres, and entertainment packed with more exciting fun, maximizing fun deliverable on the air. 

Above all, tvN, which has led trends with various entertainment shows and dramas, launched O tvN with different depths of fun in 2015, followed by 'XtvN' focusing on entertainment in 2018, with the tvN brand expected to enjoy a more robust growth while its content capabilities are creating synergistic effects. 
Lee Myung-han leading tvN in CJ E&M's Broadcasting Business Division said, ""The millennial generation, considered to be a large-scale generation that will lead the global trend after the baby boomer generation did decades ago, has a strong influence in the content market. We’ve opened the new entertainment channel in the hope that fresh entertainment will offer a breathing space for those living in harsh environments of the times,” stressing, "With XtvN, tvN and O tvN, we will enhance the identity and content competitiveness of each channel so that various age groups from teenagers to those in their 50s can enjoy the sensibility of the tvN brand according to their tastes."
The entertainment channel 'XtvN,’ which opens its doors on Friday, January 19, 2018, is preparing to begin airing new programs aimed at viewers aged 15 to 39 in January and February.