CJ ENM and Paramount+'s <Pyramid Game> Officially Invited to Series Mania in France

2월. 23. 2024

Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced that their upcoming TVING original series Pyramid Game has received an official invitation to “Series Mania,” making it the only K-Content to highlight the event.


Co-produced by Film Monster and CJ ENM STUDIOS and presented by TVING and Paramount+, Pyramid Game is one of seven Korean originals commissioned as part of the global partnership between Paramount+ and CJ ENM.


The series depicts a brutal survival game at Baekyeon girls' high school, where students are divided into attackers, victims, and bystanders and gradually descend into the violence of hierarchical survival. Based on the popular Naver WebToon Pyramid Game, created by Dalgonyak, the series will provide a thrilling catharsis as it opens a new world of school-based psychological thrillers with an unconventional and original universe of brain battles and psychological warfare between the students.


With a tremendous amount of anticipation built up for the title, the official invitation of Pyramid Game to “Series Mania” further captivates global fans’ attention, as it is the only K-Drama to be delegated for the Special Screening section. Specifically, this achievement is meaningful as the title continues the footprints of Duty After School, which was invited to last year’s Series Mania for the special screening.


Commenced in 2010, Series Mania has become one of the representative French festivals and Europe's largest TV series event, where well-renowned figures from the global entertainment industry attend to celebrate and glorify various brand-new series. This year's festival will occur from March 15th to 22nd in Lille, France.


A representative of Series Mania commented, "Amid the global craze of revenge-themed series, Pyramid Game stands out amongst every other story by comparing the issue of school violence to the game rules. Furthermore, the intricately designed plots and the psychological battles between characters are particularly intriguing, as the title conveys every agenda, from school drama and thriller to social criticism."


A representative of TVING stated, "Continuing from last year, it is very impressive that the TVING original series has been selected as the only Korean series at Series Mania this year. In particular, as Pyramid Game is set to be released globally through Paramount+, we look forward to creating synergy by making a mark first at this festival.”


Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and International General Manager at Paramount+, says: “Korean content, with engaging characters and innovative storylines continue to resonate with viewers globally. We have seen strong demand internationally for this content and we are excited to highlight another great series, Pyramid Game at Series Mania.”


In September last year, Paramount+ announced the expansion of its Korean originals slate with Pyramid Game alongside Dongjae, the Good or the Bastard, and Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella – the final three of the seven commissioned titles. The other titles Yonder, Bargain, and A Bloody Lucky Day are already available on Paramount+ internationally, while Queen Woo is set to premiere on Paramount+ this year. All seven Korean titles are licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution outside of Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


Pyramid Game is a collaborative title of the director Bak So-yeon from The Heavenly Idol and the rising screenwriter Choi Su-i, who delicately and sharply portrays the unpredictable psychology of high school girls. The participation of the hit-maker director Lee Jae-Gyu, who directed the film Intimate Stranger and the drama titles All of Us Are Dead and Daily Dose of Sunshine, also highlights the title to be an unforeseeable K-School series. Additionally, the participation of rising stars, such as Kim Ji-yeon, Jang Da-a, Ryu Da-in, Shin Seul-ki, Kang Na-eon, Jeong Ha-dam, and YULLI.A., further entices global fans’ attention.


Meanwhile, Pyramid Game will be released on Thursday, February 29th, on TVING in Korea and will launch globally on Paramount+ this year.