CJ ENM Announces Original Content Lineup for 2022

1월. 24. 2022
Leading entertainment company CJ ENM revealed the latest original content lineup of 2022, from television series to music entertainment shows.


For its original television series lineup, CJ ENM revealed the much anticipated programs set to be broadcasted on tvN, the No.1 K-content channel. tvN has been the leading broadcaster, setting new boundaries for its original K-content series; the programs on tvN have been recognized on a global level. Vincenzo was awarded ‘Best Drama Series’ at the 26th Asian Television Awards and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was nominated for ‘Best TV Movie/Mini-series’ at the 49th International Emmy Awards as the only Korean series competing in the category. Both titles have been produced by CJ ENM’s production subsidiary Studio Dragon.


CJ ENM also revealed its original music entertainment lineup to be broadcasted on its music channel, Mnet. Mnet is Korea’s leading music channel that produces programs with diverse concepts centering on music from I Can See Your Voice, the format that has been exported to the largest number of countries among CJ ENM programs, to recent smash hit Street Woman Fighter. The channel is also known for its one of a kind audition format and reality programs that produces globally renowned programs such as I-LAND which launched the global group ENHYPEN.   


CJ ENM, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, engages in a wide array of businesses across the industry spectrum including media content, music, film, performing arts, and animation. Best known for its recent multiple Academy Award-winning Parasite. CJ ENM’s credits also include television series Crash Landing on You, GUARDIAN : THE LONELY AND GREAT GOD, Hospital Playlist, films Snowpiercer, Miss Granny, Tony Award winning Broadway production Kinky Boots etc. CJ ENM’s critically-acclaimed content has been enjoyed by a global audience through various media platforms and remake versions.


[Television Series Lineup]


Ghost Doctor

A medical story with the two starkly different characters happening to share one body - arrogant doctor with gifted skills and resident who doesn’t have any sense of duty but with gold spoon in his mouth. The two doctors are the complete opposite in their medical skills and background. However, the genius died from a tragic car accident, and his soul was drawn to the body of the resident. By existing together, they started to change each other. It is the story of a ghost doctor who couldn’t leave behind his hospital and patients even on the verge of death.


Writer Kim Seon-soo | Director Bu Seong-cheol

Cast Rain(Jeong Ji-hoon), Kim Bum, Uee, Son Na-eun

Produced by Studio Dragon, Bon Factory


Twenty Five Twenty One

The wandering and growth of young people whose dreams were taken away in chaotic times of 1998. At twenty-two and eighteen, the man and woman called the other’s name the first time. Now they became twenty-five and twenty-one. This is about the beautiful memories of their refreshing first love, loving and growing together. Their genuine and fierce growth, friendship, worries, and excitement will be displayed.


Writer Kwon Do-eun | Director Jeong Ji-hyeon

Cast Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk

Produced by Studio Dragon, Hwa&Dam Pictures


Kill Hill

Kill Hill depicts the endless desires and struggles of three women dwelling in the home shopping business. Under UNI Home Shopping, Woo-hyun, Moran and Oh Sun enter in a tense drama driven by jealousy and a strong desire for success.


Writer Shin Kwang-ho, Lee Chun-woo | Director Noh Do-chul

Cast Kim Ha-neul, Lee Hye-young, Kim Sung-ryung

Produced by Ubi Culture, MayQueen Pictures


Military Prosecutor Doberman

Do Bae-man became a military prosecutor for money and Cha Woo-in became a military prosecutor for revenge. They began to work together and broke down evils in the military. It is the story of the two people with different purpose fighting the evil together and growing into a real prosecutor. Watch out their great performance at military courts.


Writer Yoon Hyun-ho | Director Jin Chang-kyu

Cast Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah

Produced by Studio Dragon


Our Blues

Legendary writer Noh Hee-kyung presents her work in four years. It is the comforting story of people who are faced with different aspects of their lives - peak, bottom, or beginning. An omnibus drama based on warm, lively Jeju Island and its rough, cold sea with ordinary but different people and their beautiful lives.


Writer Noh Hee-kyung  | Director Kim Kyu-tae

Cast Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-ah, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jeong-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, Uhm Jung-hwa

Produced by Studio Dragon, Gtist


The Killer’s Shopping List

Unknown body was found near the apartment in the outskirts of Seoul. Daesug works as an intern at the MS grocery store owned by his mom after failing to pass the public servant exam for three years. He started to trace the murderer using his useless but keen observation skills and obsessive memory. A crime fiction with comic touch as the neighborhood tracing was joined by his girlfriend, a hot-blooded cop and the owner of the MS store, his mother.   


Writer Han Ji-wan | Director Lee Eon-hee

Cast Lee Kwang-soo, Seol Hyun, Jin Hee-kyung

Produced by Studio Dragon, Beyond J


Sh**ting Stars

Sh**ting Stars is about the people in the entertainment industry who take care of everything of top stars. They bleed, sweat, and shed tears to make their celebrities shine. A romance appears between the perfect and flawless top star and the head of the promotion team, who is at the forefront of the star management. This is about the sparkling stories of the two main characters and others surrounding them.


Writer Choi Young-woo | Director Jamie K Lee

Cast Lee Sung-kyoung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon

Produced by Studio Dragon, Mays Entertainment


Link: Eat, Love, Kill

It is a fantasy romance and human mystery drama about a man who suddenly came to share the feelings of one woman. Joy, sadness, and even pain are felt and shared between the man and woman.


Writer Kwon Ki-young, Kwon Do-hwan  | Director Hong Jong-chan

Cast Yeo Jin-goo, Moon Ka-young

Produced by Studio Dragon, C-Jes, Arc Media


Adamas (Working Title)

Adamas portrays the story of twin brothers fighting against the giant evil hidden behind the incident that happened 22 years ago where the biological father was falsely accused of killing the stepfather.


Writer Choi Tae-kang | Director Park Seung-woo

Cast Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Soo-kyung

Produced by Studio Dragon, Mays Entertainment



Little Women

The three sisters who grew up poor but were dear friends to each other stand against the richest and the most powerful family in Korea. The enormous event swept them, and they tried to address the difficult problem in their life, money.


Writer Jeong Suh-kyeong | Director Kim Hee-won

Cast Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo

Produced by Studio Dragon



[Music Entertainment Show Lineup]



The global idol project I-LAND returns for a second season in search for the next generation girl group. The observational reality program that shows how the next generation K-pop artist is born is a joint project that combines Mnet's IP planning and production capabilities with HYBE’s production expertise. ENHYPEN, who debuted through I-LAND in 2020, has already established itself as a prominent global act, having accumulated 1 million album sales already.


Queendom 2

A battle of jaw-dropping performances from K-pop acts, Queendom will also continue for a second season where six girl groups are to compete and release new singles. Queendom is part of Mnet's comeback war series along with Road to Kingdom and Kingdom: Legendary War. K-pop acts’ performances on the show have drawn global attention and sparked a comeback frenzy amongst fans all around the world - Kingdom: Legendary War recorded a total of 300 million YouTube views and 860,000 global online votes.


I Can See Your Voice 9

The widely loved franchise that has been adapted in 23 regions/countries returns for a ninth season in Korea. Meanwhile, the US adaptation on FOX is already running its second season and the UK version airing BBC One announced to continue for another season. The premiere of I Can See Your Voice 9will air on January 29, at 10:40PM KST on Mnet and tvN.


Street Man Fighter

The second season of Street Woman Fighter, which spread the K-dance beyond borders, will return as the men’s edition Street Man Fighter. The program brought K-dance to the mainstream and shed light on the culture of dancers. The impact of the show continued even after the broadcast ended, with dancers’ concert tickets quickly selling out. Expectations heighten for what’s in store next season that will feature Korea’s most talented male dancers.


Show Me The Money 11

A new installment of Show Me the Money is also in the lineup. The most recent season, Show Me the Money 10, marked the first rapper survival in Korea to run for 10 years and the 32 songs released from the show dominated the domestic music charts. Show Me the Money 11 in 2022 will once again capture the hearts of hip-hop fans with rappers of various charms and colors.



TMI NEWS, an idol information chart show, will be revamped as the chart talk show TMI SHOW, where guest stars reveal information about themselves, maybe a little too much. Hosts MC Boom and Lee Mi-joo will ask invited guests to answer questions received from the audience on socials. The show will premiere on February 9, at 8PM KST..


ARTISTOCK GAME (Working title)

The production team behind Show Me The Money and writer Park Won-woo (from Masked Singer) will launch the global music survival game ARTISTOCK GAME that will be the new playground for hip-hop artists.