CJ ENM contents delivered through participatory/experiential conventions 'Get It Beauty Con,' 'Thriller House' and 'tvN Joy Festival 2018'

10월. 04. 2018
CJ ENM's TV content is going beyond the TV screen. CJ ENM holds conventions that attest to the power of its channels and content that can offer viewers an opportunity to directly participate in content creation and interactive communication. Starting with OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty Con' to be held on October 5 (Fri), CJ ENM plans to stage OCN's 'Thriller House' and tvN's 'tvN Joy Festival 2018' and offer visitors chances to participate in various programs designed for experiential fun.

OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty Con' at Dongdaemun DDP for 3 days from October 5 (Fri) to 7 (Sun)
Korea's first beauty festival, 'Get It Beauty Con (a combination of 'Get It Beauty' and 'Convention')’ to be held at Dongdaemun DDP from the 5th (Fri) to the 7th (Sun), is a new concept festival that blends consumers (viewers), celebrities, beauty influencers, and beauty brands. The inaugural convention in March this year which attracted as many as 30,000 visitors received favorable reviews, stating the convention enabled visitors to 'experience and share beauty content like play.' Under the slogan of 'ONEderfulYOU,' the second 'Get It Beauty Con' plans to give visitors time to show off their sense of self-beauty (a homonym of self-esteem in Korean) proudly and confidently. 

'Get It Beauty Con' features various experience zones including the 'View Label Zone' where visitors can experience and purchase products selected in 'View Label' of the OnStyle 'Get It Beauty' program and the 'Very Exclusive Zone' where they can experience global beauty brands that are yet to be launched in Korea. There will be differentiated stages that cannot be seen anywhere else such as the 'Style Talk' stage hosted by f(x)'s Amber and model Irene; the 'Self-beauty collaboration' run by rapper Kisum and creator Jo Hyo-jin; 'Makeup consulting' by popular creator Ssin; 'Men’s Beauty Talk’ run by IN2IT’s In-ho and In-pyo, beauty creator Leo J, and sports star Kwak Yoon-gi; and a music stage featuring popular groups ASTRO and HA:TFELT. 

OCN 'Thriller House' to be held for two days from Oct. 27 (Sat) to 28 (Sun) at Urban Source in Seongsu-dong 
OCN's first branding event 'Thriller House' will be held on the 27th (Sat) and 28 (Sun) at Urban Source in Seongsu-dong. OCN is expanding its fandom into all ages, men and women, beyond many enthusiasts, with distinctive original series such as 'Squad 38,' 'Bad Guys,' 'Tunnel,' 'Life on Mars,' and 'Voice.' Most notably, ‘The Guest,’ a television series about a mixture of 'exorcism' and 'shamanism,' and 'Player,' a story about individuals fighting to confiscate black money earned through crimes boasted high viewer ratings and topicality, solidifying OCN’s prestige featuring genre masterpieces.

OCN's first branding event, 'Thriller House', attracts attention as a collaboration between OCN and Halloween. Under the slogan of 'Halloween, Play Brutally,' OCN plans to feature experiential thriller exhibitions of OCN hits, horror performances, VR films, DJ parties, Halloween F&B, etc. Through the 'Thriller House' held in Seongsu-dong, the go-to neighborhoods for generation 2030, OCN is expected to provide a new experience to the young fandom. Furthermore, a special talk time with the production crew and actors of OCN's original works is scheduled. 

'tvN Joy Festival 2018' to be held for three days from Nov. 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun) at Dongdaemun DDP 
'tvN Joy Festival 2018,' a brand exhibition where visitors can have hands-on experience of the main programs of the comprehensive entertainment channel tvN, will be held at Allim Hall 1 of Dongdaemun DDP for 3 days from November 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun). 'tvN Joy Festival 2018,' which has more than quadrupled the size of the venue compared to last year, is anticipated to present a more diverse range of fun. Under the slogan of ‘7 Days of Popping Joy,’ tvN plans to offer visitors the chance to experience the sets of tvN's representative contents and meet their cast.

Voting on the event of ‘My tvN Joy Festival 2018’ will be held on the official website of 'tvN Joy Festival 2018' until October 14th so that viewers themselves can select .tvN programs they want to see presented at the event. The programs and cast members voted by viewers will take part in the exhibition experience booths and the talk session lineup of the ‘Joy Festival 2018.' A total of 51 entertainment programs and dramas broadcast throughout the week are nominated as candidates. Voting for special categories such as '2018 Once-in-a-Lifetime Characters,' '2018 Scene-stealers,' and '2018 Perfect Chemistry Couples’ is also seeing great response from tvN viewers. tvN’s flagship programs such as 'Mr. Sunshine,' ‘100 Days my prince,' 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim,' 'New Journey to the West,' Encyclopedia of Useless Facts,' 'More Salty Tour,' and much more will be selected through viewers’ votes, along with their attention-grabbing performers, making the event even more meaningful.