CJ ENM crime series globally recognized by multiple awards

3월. 21. 2019
CJ ENM original crime series created by affiliate drama production house Studio Dragon have created a firm fan base and received enthusiastic responses across the globe.

Korean exorcism drama ‘The Guest’ was invited to SERIES MANIA 2019 among International Panorama. SERIES MANIA is a drama festival since 2010 and it has been founded by the former director of French Forum des Images, Laurence Herzberg. The drama which tells the story of a shaman, an exorcist and a police detective who cooperate to solve a crime case was nominated for ‘International Panorama’ at the award. During the festival, directors, writers and viewers across the world choose the best drama series. The only Korean drama, which was nominated at this festival, 'The Guest' will be shown on Mar 26th at 19:30, local time.

Meanwhile, a retro investigation drama of a principled, intelligent detective from 2018 and an instinctive detective from 1988 ‘Life on Mars’ also won the ‘Best Adaptation of an Existing Format’ prize at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018. ‘Best Adaptation of an Existing Format’ is the prize which is given to a successful remake series with outstanding directing and ‘Life on Mars’, which is considered as one of the legendary remake dramas in Korea, has been the only Korean drama that was selected for the prize.

In addition, a mysterious thriller of a woman who can foresee upcoming deaths ‘Black’ and an action noir ‘Bad Guys: Vile City’ have been shown to the viewers across the world through the streaming giant, Netflix.

General Manager of CJ ENM Global Content Division Seo Jang-ho said. “It’s very meaningful in that high cinematic quality of ’The Guest’ was widely recognized in Europe as well as in Asia”. “OCN’s original series have received a lot of attention across the globe and their unique themes appealed much to the viewers. Many of OCN dramas’ TV rights and format sales are under discussion”. He added.