CJ ENM ‘DIA Festival 2019 in Busan’ Wraps Up Amid Great Response

8월. 14. 2019
CJ ENM (CEO Heo Min-heoi) announced that the cumulative number of visitors to Asia's largest one-person creator festival, 'DIA Festival', which is in its fourth year, has reached 152,000.

This year's event focused on strengthening communication with local fans by showing its first appearance in Busan, not Seoul. About 39,000 visitors visited the ‘DIA Festival 2019 in Busan’ held at BEXCO from August 9 to 11.

The DIA Festival, which opened its doors with the stages of entertainment creators 'Feellikefeel' and 'Jurallah', presented 124 programs with a total of 100 teams of creators and entertainers participating. Separately, 11 teams of creators working in Busan also participated, adding to the significance of the event.

This year's event featured a program that audiences could actively participate in, such as ▲ mission and wish resolution ▲ game and quiz competition ▲ tasting and evaluation of food cooked by the creators ▲ instant fan meeting.

In particular, including ▲ 'Fengtimo', who has 50 million subscribers in China alone, visited for this event to have her official Korean debut stage ▲ 'Heopop', who was born in Busan and has about 3.26 million subscribers, visited his hometown ▲ ‘Go Toe-kyung’, who produced K-POP random play dance content in major cities around the world, made a random dance video in Busan. 

Entertainers and celebrities such as singer Mommy Son, Nature, Woody, The One, Han Min-joo, racer Seo Joo-ho, and progamer Moon Ho-joon also created a collaboration stage with creators, raising enthusiasm.

People who came to the event visited the booths of creators and companies and continued their experiences, proving a commerce-based festival with the slogan of ‘buying is fun’. And those who visited ▲Limited edition product booth with 14 teams of creators, including Daedoseogwan, Heopop, Shugi, Bogyeom, and Grandmother Park Makrye ▲Food trucks operated by creators such as SOF, Honeykki, and Nado ▲Supercell, Dynafit, Hite Jinro, Ohora Nail, etc. responded that they felt the fun of the DIA Festival, which was different from other events.

In addition, 30 companies selected for ‘O!CreatUs·Open+Create+Us’, a contest to match creators with promising SMEs hosted by CJ Group and seven Creative Economy Innovation Centers nationwide, announced their excellent products, and branded contents (product promotion video) produced by creators matched to them were also introduced.

At the booth of Plan Korea, an international relief and development non-governmental organization, donations were gathered by holding an auction of the cherished items of 21 creator teams, including Haetnim with small appetite, Ha Neul, and Murdoc.

In addition, commemorative photos, giveaways, bazaars, etc. were held at various places in the festival venue. The finale show with all the creators on stage and the hand-printing program of a total of 12 creators who recently achieved 1 million subscribers were also presented.