CJ ENM Films “Decision To Leave” and “Broker” Achieve Impressive Global Pre-Sales Records, Attesting to Their International Demand

5월. 24. 2022
Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced today that its films Decision To Leave (2022) and Broker (2022) have recorded strong global pre-sale numbers, setting anticipation to their theatrical release in June.

Park Chan-wook’s long awaited new film, Decision To Leave also reported record-breaking global pre-sale results. The film has been pre-sold to 192 regions, which is an impressive record close to the highest sales in the Korean film history held by CJ ENM’s Parasite (2019). The distributors in the list include Bac Films for France, MovieCloud for Taiwan, Mubi for North America, UK, Turkey and India, Happinet Phantom Studios for Japan, Koch Films for Germany, Lucky Red for Italy, Madman for Australia and New Zealand, Nonstop for Scandinavia, Cineart for Benelux, Edko for Macau and Hong Kong, and Purple Plan for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. The sales for the film have started two years ago and with the synergistic effects of the rise in K-movie and Park Chan-wook’s prominence, it has recorded the biggest sales amount amongst globally CJ ENM distributed films.

The story centers around a crime investigation that happened in the mountains. In the process, the officer (Park Hae-il) investigating the case meets the deceased’s wife (Tang Wei) for whom he develops mixed emotions of suspicion and interest. It is Park Chan-wook’s 4th movie invited at the Cannes Film Festival, following Oldboy (2003), Thirst (2009) and The Handmaiden (2016). The movie is set to feature a never-before seen ensemble of global stars including Chinese actress Tang Wei and renowned Korean actor Park Hae-il, and a captivating mise-en-scène that portrays a unique drama blending investigation and melodrama. The movie will release in Korea and France on June 29. 

Broker has recorded a global pre-sale of 171 regions, attesting to the excitement surrounding the film. Worldwide distributors include NEON for North America, Metropolitan for France, MovieCloud for Taiwan, Gaga for Japan, Koch Films for Germany and Italy, Triart Film for Scandinavia, September Film for Benelux, and Edko for Macau and Hong Kong. The conjunction between the Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu, who has previously won the Palme D’Or with Shoplifters (2018), and globally acclaimed Korean actors such as Song Kang-ho, has ignited great interest since the early stages of sales, ultimately leading to such remarkable results. 

The movie depicts a special journey of unexpected encounters surrounding a baby box. It is Kore-eda’s 8th film invited at the Cannes Film Festival and first Korean film. Broker boasts a cast consisting of Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won, Bae Doona, Lee Ji-eun and Lee Ju-young, with the theatrical release on June 8 in Korea, on June 24 in Japan and France in December.  

"From the early stages of production, the two distinguished directors alone have drawn enthusiastic reponses from distributors," said Park Jung-Min, Manager of Global Film Distribution "We are excited to be part of these multicultural projects, adding our experience in the global market to promote and distribute these films. These films are another milestone in expanding our global footprint as a major global studio. We’re looking forward to the theatrical releases of Decision to Leave and Broker, and see the audience's response in each region".