CJ ENM Non-scripted formats continue global success with new overseas deals and awards

12월. 13. 2019
CJ ENM’s original non-scripted programs had a great year of 2019. Most recently, popular music format ‘300: War of United Voices’ was awarded at the 2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards, while ‘You Quiz On the Block’ and ‘Shadow Singer’ has both been sold to Vietnam for local remake versions. ‘Love at First Song,’ music and dating hybrid show which proved its success in Vietnam and Malaysia already, is also under the limelight by being optioned in the US, Spain, UK and more.

‘300: War of United Voices,’ a show where musicians and their 300 fans sing and dance in synchronization, was crowned as the ‘Best Music/Dance Program’ last week in Singapore, during the Asian Academy Creative Awards. The non-scripted show has aired 2 seasons in Korea, and has been commissioned in Germany for spring of 2020. Meanwhile it has been optioned to France, Spain, Italy, UK and more.

Modern quiz show ‘You Quiz on the Block’ has made its way to Vietnam’s state-owned platform Viettel TV to meet the Vietnamese audience. The deal was the first one with Viettel TV. The talk-and-quiz hybrid show was also the runner-up for ‘Best General Entertainment‘ during the AACA.

‘Shadow Singer’ and ‘I Can See Your Voice’ are both continuing its successful travel abroad. Music studio show ‘Shadow Singer’ is a show where talented shadow singers are given the chance to shine by ‘borrowing’ the appearance of a celebrity clone singer. Following its remake versions in Indonesia and Thailand, it has also been commissioned to Vietnam’s free-tv channel VTV3 in 2020.

‘I Can See Your Voice’ is prepping for an exciting year of 2020. It’s continued success overseas including in Thailand, where it has aired more than 100 episodes, Bulgaria, Romania etc, has extended its contract with Philippines for a new season. In the US, it is in production with a pilot episode while been newly optioned in Germany, Italy and Australia.

Seo Jangho, General Manager of Global Content Business at CJ ENM said: ‘With a diverse range of genres encompassing music shows like ‘300: War of United Voices’ and ‘Shadow Singer’ and reality shows such as ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ CJ ENM’s trendy and unique programs are awaiting for more remakes all over the world in 2020.’