CJ ENM Selected as a ‘Inclusive Company’ Seeking to Coexist with SMEs

12월. 02. 2020
Entertainment & Lifestyle Company CJ ENM (CEO Heo Min-heoi) has been designated as a 'inclusive company' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

On December 2nd, CJ ENM announced that it had signed an MOU with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun) and the Large and Small Business, Agriculture, and Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (Secretary-General Kim Soon-cheol) on 'support for market development by SMEs and micro enterprises.'

A “inclusive company” refers to a large enterprise that voluntarily shares infrastructure (base), knowledge, and other strengths with SMEs and micro enterprises as part of the ‘voluntary business for win-win relationship’ project being promoted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. From May of last year to this month, the Ministry has designated a total of 23 companies, including CJ ENM, as inclusive companies.

CJ ENM has provided domestic SMEs with stand-alone booths at KCON offering them additional support in the areas of transportation, interpretation, marketing, and public relations so that they could grasp opportunities to expand overseas. As a result, over 600 local SMEs have achieved about 23 billion won worth of exports on 14 occasions.

Through the agreement, CJ ENM plans to further expand its support of SMEs and micro enterprises by tapping into its various platforms such as DIA TV, KCON, and O Shopping.

CJ ENM is preparing to support the digital marketing of SMEs and micro enterprises along with 1,400 teams of DIA TV's partner creators. It is planning to help match the products of 10 SMEs and micro enterprises with DIA TV partner creators each year while covering up to 20% of marketing costs for matched products.

In addition, the company will continue supporting their overseas marketing efforts through the annual Hallyu convention event 'KCON' held overseas such as the US and Japan, among others.

CJ ENM has launched a ‘consulting team specializing in traditional markets and regional specialties’ composed of marketing experts from O Shopping to facilitate the organization of home shopping arrangements for local SMEs and promote the sales of the products by SMEs and micro enterprises on
TV home shopping and T-commerce channels.

Minister of SMEs and Startups Park Young-sun said, “Content marketing is a field where SMEs and micro enterprises have frequently asked for support,” adding, “The Ministry will also expand its support for SMEs’ market development so that their technologies and products can be highly recognized both at home and abroad despite the COVID-19 crisis.”

Kim Soon-cheol, secretary general of the Foundation, said, “We expect domestic and overseas market support using CJ ENM’s infrastructure, such as Hallyu events and home shopping, to be of immense help to micro enterprises and SMEs suffering from the pandemic.”

CJ ENM CEO Heo Min-heoi said, “CJ ENM has helped more than 600 SMEs and start-ups to expand overseas through KCON. We are preparing to further expand our support for product marketing of SMEs and micro enterprises through live commerce, etc. in connection with O Shopping and DIA TV creators.”