CJ ENM Signed a Strategic Alliance with Japanese Terrestrial broadcaster TBS Group to Expand Global Network and Accelerate Growth in the Japanese Market

6월. 15. 2021
CJ ENM plans to strengthen its global network and speed up its expansion into the Japanese market through a strategic alliance with TBS Group, one of the top five terrestrial broadcasters in Japan.

On the 15th, CJ ENM and TBS Group signed a business agreement for business cooperation and joint production of contents targeting the global market including Japan. Based on their global content production capabilities and global networks, CJ ENM and TBS Group plan to jointly plan, produce, and distribute content in various genres such as dramas, movies, entertainment shows, and animations while jointly promoting various projects such as webtoons and comics co-production, offline concert planning, and content format development.

CJ ENM and TBS Group, which have already proven their content competitiveness in the global market, are planning to spur the production of content that can target the global market in addition to Korea and Japan. TBS Group is one of the five major terrestrial broadcasters in Japan, which has produced dramas such as <Hanzawa Naoki>, which has been adapted into remakes across the world on the back of its huge popularity, and <We Married as a Job>, and entertainment program such as <Takeshi's Castle>.

CJ ENM has built a reputation in Japan as an unrivaled K-content production company through its own production of the Japanese versions of <Signal>, <Misaeng>, <Memory>, and <Voice> as well as <It's Okay to Not Be Okay> and <Crash Landing on You>, which sparked a craze in Japan last year. Following strategic partnerships executed with major global content companies such as Netflix and Skydance, CJ ENM has once again proved its well-made content creation capabilities and growth potential in the global market by partnering with Japan's leading terrestrial broadcaster TBS group.

Choi Jin-hee, chief director of CJ ENM's movie/drama, said, "Through this agreement, the two leading Korean and Japanese content companies will bring together their production capabilities to create a variety of content tailored for global audiences," noting, “CJ ENM will continue expanding collaboration with global content partners to ramp up the production of content targeting the global market.”

“TBS Holdings is aiming to grow through entry and expansion into new global markets,” said Tatsuo Sugai, TBS Group Television Senior Managing Director. “With the agreement, we expect that TBS Group with excellent creators and CJ ENM with proven global content competitiveness can create synergy in producing content targeting new global markets."