CJ ENM’s DIA TV Launches Advertiser-Creator Matching System ‘YouPick’

7월. 12. 2019
On the 11th, CJ ENM announced that ‘DIA TV’, a creator support project, has launched ‘YouPick,’ a matching system between advertisers and creators.

DIA TV plans to contribute to the creation of a symbiotic ecosystem by connecting advertisers and creators based on digital content. YouPick will improve the campaign efficiency of small and medium-sized advertisers who want to conduct marketing at a lower cost while helping micro-influencers to generate revenue. 

Advertisers who tap into YouPick can receive one-stop service including ▲campaign information input ▲target/platform/genre segmentation ▲creator selection ▲budget and unit price coordination ▲content creation/modification ▲report writing. To this end, DIA TV has applied 31 classifications and 340 keywords frequently sought by advertisers to YouPick based on the marketing data that it has accumulated since 2013.

Advertisers can select and use about 8,000 digital channels that have signed up for 'ECONNECTION' according to their distinct marketing strategies. ECONNECTION is a creation support solution launched by DIA TV in 2018 designed to help creators in terms of statistical content analysis and copyright support. 

Notably, YouPick is characterized by opening the possibility for not only creators recommended by the system but also advertisers to directly select creators and engage in campaign negotiations. In addition, after uploading campaign videos, advertisers can easily gauge the advertising effects by linking with ECOCONNECTION and checking platform data statistics.

Director Oh Jin-se of DIA TV said, “Inquiries from advertisers looking for micro-influencers who they can collaborate with in a niche market at reasonable costs are continuing,” asserting, “YouPick is structured so advertisers can execute optimized campaigns cost-effectively according to their unique communication strategies.” 

In addition to the launch of YouPick, DIA TV is preparing to launch Asia's largest creator festival 'DIA Festival 2019 in Busan.' The event to be held in BEXCO, Busan from August 9th to 11th is drawing attention as an opportunity for not only independent creators but also SMEs wanting to promote their brands and communicate with their potential consumers.