CJ ENM’s KCON GERMANY 2024 To Be Held at Messe Frankfurt This September

6월. 21. 2024

First-ever K-POP Fan & Artist Festival in Germany to Create Interactive and Immersive Experiences Between Fans and Artists

KCON GERMANY 2024 to take place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2024 at Messe Frankfurt 

- KCON comes to Europe after 8 years to present engaging and immersive experiences between fans and artists 


Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced today that its KCON GERMANY 2024 will be held at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany from September 28 to September 29, marking KCON’s first time to take place in Germany as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its K-POP Fan & Artist Festival to Europe.


KCON is the world’s largest ‘K-POP Fan & Artist Festival’ and KCON GERMANY 2024 will present the full-fledged K-pop festival. Germany, one of the largest music markets in the world, is emerging as a key location for K-pop events on the back of growing K-pop fandom in Europe and travel convenience to other European countries.


This year, KCON has taken Hong Kong and Japan by storm with attracting hundreds of thousands of K-pop fans and is also set to take place in Los Angeles, U.S. in late July where global K-pop artists will take stage to meet fans. In Europe, the most recent KCON was held in Paris, France in 2016 and M COUNTDOWN FRANCE, the French rendition of CJ ENM’s K-pop music chart show, took place in France in 2023.  


“We are thrilled to announce that KCON will take place in Germany for the first time  for K-pop fans in Europe who have waited a long time,” Harry H.K. Shin, Head of Music Entertainment at CJ ENM. “KCON GERMANY 2024 will be far more than expected with expanded stages and various programs. We will do our very best to create and provide interactive and immersive experiences  between fans and artists.” 


First started in Irvine, U.S. in 2012, CJ ENM’s KCON has been a driving force in fostering a global community around K-pop and demonstrating the immense power of K-pop fandoms. KCON has become a recognized platform for launching the careers of K-pop artists on the international stage with having about 1.83 million attended fans over the past 12  years. 


More details on the artist lineup, tickets and others will be unveiled in the coming months. Stay tuned for the K-POP Fan & Artist Festival updates on KCON’s official social media channels: X and Instagram.