Korea's First Beauty Festival, OnStyle's <Get It Beauty Con> Garners 30,000 visitors

3월. 12. 2018
Korea's first beauty festival, OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty Con', successfully concluded with rave reviews from 30,000 audience members.

OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty Con', which was held at COEX C Hall for three days from the 9th (Fri) to 11th (Sun), attracted a total of 30,000 viewers over the three days, showcasing the pride of K-beauty. ‘Get It Beauty Con’ is Korea’s first beauty festival co-hosted by OnStyle, which planned and produced Korea’s representative beauty content ‘Get It Beauty,’ and DIA TV, a one-person creator support project of CJ E&M. It is a new type of festival where consumers (viewers), celebrities, beauty influencers, and beauty brands can enjoy content as they play, receiving rave responses from the first episode. The first ‘Get It Beauty Con’ under the slogan ‘a journey to find my own beauty, ‘beYOUTiful journey’, fully engaged the audience with a diverse composition that harmonized with the content and experiential booths.

▲Content + Experiential Convention - Customized Beauty Festival from ‘Get It Beauty Zone’ to ‘Curation Zone’

'Get It Beauty Con' drew rave reviews from the audience as an evolved festival where you can directly experience various beauty content from 'Get It Beauty', the original and iconic program of the K-beauty industry, and trendsetting beauty creators. For starters, the 'Get It Beauty Zone' presented an opportunity for the audience to directly try the topical products introduced in the 'Beauty-Life Balance' and 'Honey Collaboration' corners of 'Get It Beauty 2018'. On the 9th (Fri), Jang Yoon-ju, the host of 'Get It Beauty Con', and Song Ji-hyo, selected as 'K-beauty muse', held a talk session in front of the audience on the theme 'complete beauty for me'. On the 10th (Sat), onsite recording of 'Get It Beauty 2018' was held on the main stage, and hosts Jang Yoon-ju, Kim Su-mi, and Moon Ga-bi directly engaged with the audience.

In addition to the 'Get It Beauty Zone', all of the experiential zones tailored to the audience got great responses: the ‘Diagnosis Zone’ which introduced about 100 latest devices to measure the skin condition of the audience and diagnosed individual personal colors such as ‘Spring Warm’ and ‘Summer Cool’, as well as the ‘Curation Zone’ where you can find beauty items by reflecting the diagnosis results and receive beauty information and experiences in tandem. Kim Hyung-wook, the director of CJ E&M's Media Lifestyle Business Division, said, “‘Get It Beauty Con’ was held as an entertainment festival where the audience could directly participate and enjoy in it while focusing on the content part. The audience satisfaction level was high as it provided special fun to the audience in their 20s to mid-30s who have a strong need to experience the product as content.”

▲Millennials who Communicate Digitally engaged with over 100 Influencers - Popularity’ of Beauty Contents in Line with Digital Trends

At ‘Get It Beauty Con’, creators who lead digital trends participated and gained popularity. About 100 beauty influencers and creators, including Risabae, Kwak Tori, Office Worker A, Ssin, and Kim Jin-kyung, met directly with the audience at the venue. Notably, on the 10th (Sat), beauty creator Risabae, who boasts 1.4 million subscribers, conducted ‘onsite beauty diagnoses’ and a ‘beautiful quiz contest to find my own beauty’, which listens to the beauty stories of the audience and solves their problems. In addition, beauty creator Office Worker A delivered personal hairstyling tips, and fashion creator Hanbyul introduced trendy fashion items for this spring, drawing the audience’s interest. At the Inner Beauty Talk with model Kim Jin-kyung, various stories of creators and audiences unfolded.

Shin Jong-soo, the director of CJ E&M's Media Lifestyle Headquarters, said, ""Millennials, who communicate and share their thoughts digitally, are also getting a lot of beauty information through digital content. In line with the digital trend, ‘Get It Beauty Con’ was able to get a positive response from the audience by preparing various programs where more than 100 influencers and creators could participate and directly engage with the audience.”

▲The Highest Level of Industry Satisfaction, by Featuring 118 Beauty & Lifestyle Brands

A total of 118 beauty & lifestyle brands participated in this 'Get It Beauty Con' to check the real reactions of customers. The 'Very Unique Zone' was composed of various beauty & lifestyle brands that are popular online but difficult to find in offline stores. Online specialized brands that have gained the full support of cosmetic fans introduced products offline through 'Get It Beauty Con'. Consumers could directly experience the product to see if it was a good fit for them, and the company could check the customer's reaction and feedback in real time. There were also companies conducting new promotions at ‘Get It Beauty Con’.

Companies participating in 'Get It Beauty Con' expressed their satisfaction and responded positively. Kim Soo-hyang, CEO of the scented candle brand 'Soohyang', said, "It was a valuable opportunity to interact directly with millennials." Ahn Ok-hee, CEO of MD’s pick, a premium daily cosmetic brand, said, “The audience who visited Get It Beauty Con and the brand target were in adjacency. The products we prepared were sold out every day. Both the onsite event and social media subscriber registration were successful, so participation in Get It Beauty Con was well worth it. Thank you.”

▲According to Director Shin Jong-soo, “The first festival of its kind successfully held in Korea will grow into a global K-beauty platform”

Jang Yoon-ju, the host of ‘Get It Beauty Con’, said, “It was an honor to participate as a host. I am proud of K-beauty. Korean culture showcasing K-pop, K-food, and K-fashion is loved all over the world. Through 'Get It Beauty Con', I wanted to mark the arrival of K-beauty in the global arena. Just like Korea’s first and longest-running beauty program, ‘Get It Beauty,’ has been loved for a long time, I hope that ‘Get It Beauty Con’ will make history with this successful start.”

Shin Jong-soo, the director of CJ E&M's Media Lifestyle Headquarters, said, “After a six-month planning period, we launched 'Get It Beauty Con'. I sincerely thank the audience for participating in 'Get It Beauty Con' with great interest. I am very proud that ‘Get It Beauty Con’, the first beauty festival in Korea, has successfully taken root in Korea. It was a valuable first step to confirm the limitless possibilities for K-Beauty and the Beauty Festival.” Director Shin added, “We will continue to put our utmost efforts to make ‘Get It Beauty Con’ a beauty festival that women in their 20s to mid-30s can relate to. Please look forward to ‘Get It Beauty Con’, which will grow into a global platform to promote K-beauty.”