Leading Entertainment Company CJ ENM and Toei Animation Reveals New Slate of Original IPs Under Strategic Partnership

10월. 13. 2022
Leading entertainment company CJ ENM and Toei Animation revealed a new slate of original IPs to target a global audience at the 17th Asian Contents & Film Market held during the Busan International Film Festival. The conference, held on October 8th at BEXCO, was titled "Cooperatoin Between Korea and Japan IP Business Entities Across Borders and Genres."

The two companies revealed developments and future strategies since they signed a MOU in 2021 to enter into a strategic partnership to joint produce dramas, movies and animations.  CJ ENM and Toei Animation, together with CJ ENM's Blaad Studios, revealed three original IPs that are in development:

Myth Chasers(Working Title) is a fantasy action-adventure series that will be developed both as a live-action and animation version, combining the production capabilities of the two companies. It follows a warrior secretly fighting to capture goblins creating trouble within the human world. The live-action version is anticipated to come first followed by the animation version.

Super Girls(Working Title) is a fantasy action-drama live-action series that follows a group of young women working in the K-pop entertainment industry that acquired superpowers overnight in an accident. Together, they use their superpowers to fight the extreme villains in the workplace. The original IP takes inspiration from PreCure, Toei Animation's mega hit series.

Finally, Crystal(Working Title) is a fantasy adventure-drama animation series. Further details are yet to be revealed as it is still in the early stage of development.

Yi Jongmin, head of IP Development Center at CJ ENM stated "We are excited to reveal the new original IPs that have come out of our one year strategic partnership with Toei Animation. Both companies have a vast library of content that has been love across the globe, and we are excited to be able to create new compelling stories combining CJ ENM's globally recognized production capabilities and Toei Animation's strong global fandom."

Meanwhile, CJ ENM entered into a strategic partnership with Japan's top animation studio, Toei Animation on October 2021 to expand its global footprint. Under the strategic tie-up, the two partners will work closely to create synergy to co-produce premium content that appeals to a global audience. As part of CJ ENM's strategy to expand its presence in the global market, CJ ENM's strategic partners also include Paramount Global, Skydance Media, etc.