Leading Entertainment Company CJ ENM Announces the Grand Opening of Its Virtual Production Stage

5월. 24. 2022
Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced today the grand opening of its Virtual Production Stage, paving way for the next-generation of video production technology. The new Virtual Production Stage is in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, as the studio’s real-time virtual experience is powered by its cutting-edge Micro LED technology, The Wall.

The Virtual Production Stage consists of a 360-wall with LED screens covering floor-to-ceiling. Using this cutting-edge technology, creators will be able to customize and create various backgrounds depending on their creative needs. This new production stage will not only be able to save time and production costs but also has the advantage of allowing creators to see the virtual background applied on camera in real time. 

The Virtual Production Studio is the first studio in the world to utilize Samsung Electronics’ innovative Micro LED technology in content production. The main display’s impressive screen measures over 1,000 inches in a custom oval display of 20 meters in diameter and 7 meters in height, which is the largest scale screen display in Korea. In addition to the linear wall that measures 20 meters in length and 3.2 meters in height, creators can customize the display settings to fit the content genre. The micro LED technology in this studio will support a much higher definition resolution compared to existing LED hardware. 

The Virtual Production Stage will be used to produce a wide range of content ranging from scripted film and drama to unscripted entertainment and concerts. The technology housed in the Virtual Production Stage will make it possible for the production of immersive content applying the latest technologies such as XR and metaverse entertainment. 

“The announcement of our Virtual Production Stage is a milestone for CJ ENM as a leader in the global entertainment industry paving way for the next-generation content production technology. With this new technology in partnership with Samsung Electronics, we plan to create content that uses virtual production in all stages of production in addition to blockbuster scale films and scripted series,” said Sang-Yeop Kim, VP and Head of Content R&D Center at CJ ENM. “The Virtual Production Stage is a giant leap forward in expanding CJ ENM’s content production capabilities as a K-content studio powerhouse, opening new doors to create quality IP that transcends space and time.

Meanwhile, the Virtual Production Stage is part of the CJ ENM STUDIO CENTER, the largest scale multi-production facility located in Paju, Korea.