Marking its 10th Anniversary, CJ ENM Implements CI Renewal and Rebranding

1월. 04. 2021
On the 4th, CJ ENM celebrating its 10th anniversary this year announced that it’s implementing CI (Corporate Identity) renewal and rebranding to strengthen its image as a global content company based on its unique IP competitiveness.
The CI renewal, which goes into effect in January, is conducted with the aim of enhancing an intuitive understanding of the company’s business field for consumers around the world by putting the vast amount of original IP owned by CJ ENM to the fore.
First, CJ ENM CI will change this month. The letter 'N' in the word 'ENM' has been enlarged while text readability is enhanced to optimize the logo for various digital platforms. Whereas the existing CI was an abbreviation of Entertainment and Merchandising, the new CI encompasses all of CJ ENM's core businesses from a perspective of the sense of expanded entertainment.

Also, the ‘E&M sector’ and the ‘O Shopping sector’ constituting the two major business axes of CJ ENM are replaced with the division of the ‘Entertainment sector’ and ‘Commerce sector,’ with both the business areas rendered intuitive.’ It is also an expression of the company’s commitment to breaking away from the old corporate name and firmly establishing the brand identity of CJ ENM as a single, integrated brand.

The entertainment sector announced a new slogan, 'Untold Originals,' which means 'the limitless stories of CJ ENM that you have not yet discovered.' It mirrors the aspirations of the entertainment company that strives to produce content spanning generations that everyone can relate to under its IP philosophy of 'Happiness and Togetherness' and create a world of originality that transcends age, generation and language barriers.

Meanwhile, CJ ENM has been taking the lead in promoting Korean popular culture across the world over the past year, producing popular works such as and amid the pandemic situation. In the rapidly changing global entertainment business environment, it will promote the CJ ENM brand through the original content that only the company can produce.