Musical <Moulin Rouge> Captivates Broadway

8월. 01. 2019
The musical <Moulin Rouge>, which has finally premiered, is receiving rave reviews from the global press. 

The New York Times had an all-time high praise, saying, "Gasp-inducing, Dazzling, Euphoric. Moulin Rouge offers a party for the ages, with the febrile energy you may associate with the wilder parties of your youth. A cloud-surfing, natural high of a production. In Moulin Rouge, life is beautiful!" Also, other acclaims from the media were as follows: "Moulin Rouge is a fabulous new musical. The high begins the instant you walk into the theater." (New York Post); "Gorgeous! Intoxicating. A wildly extravagant production... Eye-popping spectacle and off-the-chart en-ergy" (The Hollywood Reporter); "It's easy to believe that Moulin Rouge the musical might run for 50 years" (Entertainment Weekly (EW)); "The jukebox musicals to end all jukebox musicals" (TimeOut NY); "You can happily hang on Satine and Christian's love songs" (Variety); "A Broadway hit for the ages." (NY1), "Soaring new heights" (USA Today); "Exactly what the world needs" (The Telegraph (UK)); and "Can Moulin Rouge deliver? Yes it can-can." (The Guardian (UK)). Based on the buzz about the impact that <Moulin Rouge> will have on the global musical industry, these positive reviews are likely to herald both the acclaim of the quality of work and its appeal to the public.

▲Top 5 in Broadway box office rankings during the opening week! Following the steps of Broadway mega hits!

<Moulin Rouge>, which had its world premiere as a tryout performance in Boston on July 10, 2018, has emerged as a new musical that is by far the most eyecatching on Broadway. The tryout performance, which is the first step toward entering Broadway, has been extended by two more weeks than planned, with its Broadway performance in 2019 already confirmed. <Moulin Rouge>, which officially opened on July 25, starting with a Broadway preview performance on June 28, sold out all slots before the opening, and achieved weekly sales of USD 1.72 million with only 7 performances during its opening week, and set a record of entering the top 5 box-office rankings. This is similar to the premieres of the Broadway mega-hits <Dear Evan Hansen> and <Harry Potter and the Cursed Child> in 2017 and 2018, respectively, heralding a new box-office syndrome and following the steps of Broadway mega hits. The musical <Moulin Rouge> is a work in which CJ ENM secured the position of a co-producer in the early stage of development and invested about USD 1 million. Through this, CJ ENM not only preempted the exclusive rights to perform <Moulin Rouge> in Korea, but also has the right to co-produce first-class production performances in the U.S., U.K., London, Australia, and Canada.
▲'Alex Timbers', the director of Broadway fame! The culmination of a jukebox musical created with 70 famous pop songs! Fantastic stage set and sights that is addictively eye-catching!

Based on the movie of the same name that was released in 2001 and became a worldwide box-office hit, the musical <Moulin Rouge> is a musical about the love of a young poet and a singer at the club ‘Moulin Rouge’ in Paris, France in 1890. 'Alex Timbers', the next-generation creator on Broadway, is in charge of directing, and ‘John Logan’, who has a wide spectrum such as the movie <007-Skyfall>, play <Red>, and musical <The Last Ship>, participated in the scriptwriting. Broadway star 'Aaron Tveit' from the musical 'Catch Me If You Can' and the movie 'Les Miserables,' and 'Karen Olivo' from 'Hamilton', the most Tony Award-nominated musical in history, are playing the lead roles. The musical <Moulin Rouge> evokes a sense of nostalgia with famous pop songs of the 70s and 80s from Madonna, Elton John, and so on, as well as hit pop music remade from the movie set in Paris in the 20th century to match the jukebox musical. In addition, many songs of famous pop stars such as Sia, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Adele, and Rihanna were featured. 
Meanwhile, <Moulin Rouge> is the third time CJ ENM has participated in large-scale global production after <Kinky Boots> and <Bodyguard>. CJ ENM became the first Korean company to hold full membership in the Broadway League, an association of American Broadway producers and venues, and participated in the screening of the ‘Tony Awards,’ a first-ever for a Korean company, in June of this year.