OCN Builds a Family Brand Presenting Target-Customized Programming Strategies

3월. 02. 2020
On the 1st (Sunday), CJ ENM changed the channel names of CGV and Super Action to ‘OCN Movies’ and ‘OCN Thrills,’ respectively. The company is seeking not only to differentiate the concept of each channel through channel name change and rebranding but also to strengthen the competitiveness of OCN as a family brand recognized as the No. 1 storytainment channel based on the core competencies of a unique genre brand.

First, OCN that expanded its bloc of originals while introducing a format that combined movies and dramas last year, plans to continue producing works of original stories that reject clichés in 2020 and meet the needs of the so-called ‘contents for me’ clan armed with a strong taste.

Under this year’s slogan of ‘Revolutionize Stories’ following last year’s ‘Revolutionize Characters,’ OCN is getting ready to produce works that feature OCN's unique colors more intensely than ever.

Expectations have doubled with original dramas such as ‘Tell Me What You Saw,’ a science action hero film that has received great responses from genre enthusiasts since its release last month, and ‘RUGAL’ featuring a science action hero, along with dramatic cinemas including ' Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation’ and 'Search.'

Next, OCN Movies, Korea's No. 1 movie curation channel with the slogan of 'Beyond Movies,' launches ‘OCN Movies Monthly Theme Exhibition’ which recommends movies of a particular theme every month for the ‘Contents Home Healing’ clan who enjoys binge-watching and leisure at home.

‘K-Movie Hive’ is the theme of the inaugural month of March. The theme is expected to enable viewers to properly confirm the standing of Korean cinemas, which has been raised through Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ that swept major film festivals such as the Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival, and Academy Awards. The films of the month include Korean films with 10 million viewership each and those that have been universally recognized at home and abroad, such as 'Memories of Murder' and 'Snowpiercer.' The ‘OCN Movies Monthly Theme Exhibition’ will continue to introduce different topics each month for cinephiles.

OCN Thrills, Korea's only genre-specialized channel with the slogan of 'Wake Up the Heart,' presents a variety of up-to-date genre content for young binge-watchers.

For young thriller fans who also enjoy ‘authentication’ and ‘spread,’ OCN Thrills plans to organize content in various genres, including first TV airing of popular overseas series and genre films, as well as OCN originals and dramatic cinemas. The offerings that will be shown for the first time on TV include the supernatural mystery American drama 'Emergence’ that has been enthusiastically received in the U.S., and 'Truth or Dare,’ a popular thriller by Blumhouse. A variety of films to be introduced by OCN Thrills will satisfy the tastes of binge-viewers by providing them with constant pleasure.