Studio Dragon Acquires Stake in Film Production Company ‘MOVIEROCK’

9월. 19. 2019
Studio Dragon will take a partial stake in MOVIEROCK, a film production company, to expand its content production capabilities.

Studio Dragon (CEO Jinnie Choi) announced that it has acquired an about 20% equity share in MOVIEROCK, a movie production company. With this, Studio Dragon will promote partnerships with MOVIEROCK following CultureDepot, Hwa&Dam Pictures, KPJ, and GTist, laying the groundworks for securing a diverse group of creators and raising the ability to produce quality content.

Founded in 2012, MOVIEROCK (CEO Kim Jae-joong) is a domestic film production company that is recognized for its excellent planning and production ability by successively releasing films such as 'Thread of Lies,’ 'Midnight Runners,’ 'Be With You,’ 'Innocent Witness,’ and ‘Tune in for Love'.

An official from Studio Dragon said, “As the crossover of movies and dramas is expanding, it is essential to secure top-notch materials, leverage in-house production capabilities, and secure infrastructure. Please look forward to what’s to come from the synergy of MOVIEROCK's excellent film planning ability and Studio Dragon's drama planning and production capabilities.”