Studio Dragon, Drama Producer behind <The Glory>, the first ever to release the ‘Sustainability Report’ among Korean drama production companies

10월. 06. 2023

Studio Dragon, the premium storyteller group which produced <The Glory>, has released the first ‘Sustainability Report’ in the Korean drama production industry.


Driven by the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) mission to “Create a More Valuable World through Premium Storytelling,” Studio Dragon has presented <Dream With Dragon>. Following their successful introduction of the studio model for the first time in the domestic drama industry, they plan to take a leading role in sustainable management. This sustainability report adhered to the global standard guidelines of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards 2021.


The report introduces the main dramas of Studio Dragon, which encapsulate the social values represented by DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). Studio Dragon sets to increase the production of dramas that embody social values such as <Our Blues>, a warm portrayal of the social discrimination against the disabled, <Mine>, dismantling prejudice towards sexual minorities, and <The Glory>, depicting solidarity among the underprivileged who stand up against school violence.


The report also contains the efforts to reduce waste produced during the process of building and tearing down the filming set as for protecting the environment. For instance, in August 2021, Studio Dragon signed a business agreement with Mungyeong City and transformed the 2,294㎡ landfill into an open set of <Alchemy of Souls>, promoting local specialties, and offered the visitors a firsthand experience of the drama, thereby establishing a tourist destination. Additionally, plans are made to recycle the set of upcoming drama <When the Stars Gossip> and use it as a filming location for upcoming drama, entertainment, etc. or for tourism purposes.

Studio Dragon operates the Industrial Safety and Health Committee for drama production sites and collaborative partners, aiming to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. The report includes details about the activities of the Safety Management Team, established in 2022. Studio Dragon’s Safety Management Team is conducting safety management campaigns that include reward system and activities reinforcing safety consciousness for co-producers, partner companies of the set, props, lights, and other collaborating entities involved in the company’s project. The film sets that adhere to safety regulations are selected quarterly, with the producer and the most outstanding staff member receiving accolades.

Prior to the report's publication, Studio Dragon earned ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, a pivotal benchmark for ESG management, from the British Standards Institution in June.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Sung Ho Jang, the head director of Studio Dragon’s ESG management, commented, “Considering the immense influence the media industry has on the world, I truly empathize with the substantial interest demonstrated by investors and interested parties in Studio Dragon's endeavors toward sustainable management, as the leading K-Drama enterprise.” He announced that “Studio Dragon has achieved successful outcomes, including securing a key indicator for sustainable management—the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management—and is set to spearhead sustainable management to create a resilient ecosystem, positioning itself as a leader in the K-Drama industry.”

Meanwhile, the sustainability report <Dream with Dragon> has selected sustainability importance issues since January based on a survey of the general public and industry relatives, and the insights of the advisory committee composed of customers, investors, business partners, and employees, among other internal and external stakeholders. It covers Studio Dragon's strategies and initiatives for each of the six sustainability focal points: △ Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Culture through Content and Leading △ Protecting and Respecting Human Rights & Cultivating a Positive Workplace △ Ensuring Safety and Health △ Strengthening Compliance, Ethical Management, and Fair Trade △ Reducing Waste Generation and Emissions & Encouraging Circularity and Reuse of Resources △ Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Management & Establishing an Environmental Management System.