tvN D Captivates the Digital Natives with a Variety of Digital Original Content

8월. 27. 2019
CJ ENM's digital studio tvN D is gaining popularity as it has surpassed 800 million views in just 10 months since the channel was launched. 

Since the reorganization earlier this year, the original studios consisting of tvN D ENT, tvN D STORY, SLICE D, and ONSTYLE D have all received full support from digital natives represented by the 1534 generation. In particular, the total number of views showed an average monthly growth rate of over 10%, and in the case of the tvN D ENT. channel, the number of views recorded an annual increase of nearly 500% compared to last year, showing an explosive growth.

Behind the daily record-breaking number of account views, there are original content produced by tvN D in-house. Entertainment content such as 'Jukne Tour,’ a spin-off content of tvN's 'More Salty Tour,’ 'Monstrous Date Season 2,’ which confirmed the production for the next season with a 300% increase in views compared to last season, and 'Choija Road 2,’ have formed a solid fandom with the fun that is possible only on digital.
tvN D's original web dramas, such as 'Chubby Romance 2’ and 'Dating Class’ are receiving the exciting response as well. tvN D's web dramas, which were well received by mixing new themes such as gender issues and office life in a web drama format, recorded a high number of views. In particular, the 'It's Okay to be Sensitive’ series won the Best Drama Award at the '2019 New Media Content Awards' hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, raising expectations for season 3.

tvN D is expected to see continued results in the second half of this year. The first content to be presented is ‘Ghost VRos’, a VR web drama in the comic exorcism genre, starring Jeong Je-won. Then, 'Becoming Insider’, which was released in the first half of the year and recorded high popularity, returns with season 2. In addition, the documentary 'P&Q: The Pioneers', which looks back on Korean hip-hop through the growth of rappers Palo Alto and The Quiett, is also in the pipeline.