‘tvN STORY’ to be Launched on May 1 to Deliver the Stories of the New Adult Generation

4월. 09. 2021
A new channel is coming to tell the stories of a new adult generation in Korea: The life story channel 'tvN STORY' is launched on May 1, 2021.

'tvN STORY' plans to expand the target audience of 'Olive' channel and establish itself as a life story channel that middle-aged generations can also sympathize with and enjoy. Aiming for a customized channel for adult generations who are friendly to new media that they can afford financially and timewise while pursuing new values in various fields such as economy, culture, and society, ‘tvN STORY’ intends to arm itself with original content and target-specific programs to provide empathy and laughter at the same time through life stories narrating the generation’s memories, interests, and future.

Representative programs being produced include (1) < Fireworks Hansome> featuring the current daily lives of the iconic teen stars of the 1990s, such as Cha In-pyo, Son Ji-chang, and Shin Sung-woo, along with their wish list challenges, (2) , a beauty makeover show featuring Oh Yoon-ah, Song Eun-yi, and Jang Young-ran as co-MCs who strive to find a new look for celebrities seeking changes, (3) , a premium reading show being produced by the producers of and , (4) , a target-tailored health and economy-themed information show, and (5) featuring documentary films about the lives of iconic stars for the middle aged, such as 'Audrey Hepburn,' 'Queen' and 'The Beatles' along with experts’ friendly comments. In addition, for the first time on TV, tvN STORY is planning to produce a music movie entitled centered around the fan meeting of trot singer Kim Ho-jung.

‘STORY’ in ‘tvN STORY’ refers to not only the story of viewers but also the story that they sympathize with and would like to share with others. It also means the expansion of tvN’s unique delight conveyed through such stories.
Under the slogan 'My story continues,' it also contains its aspiration to deliver the stories of the adult generations, cheer their lifelong efforts as protagonists of independent lives, and become a friend-like channel where people can share their healthy and enjoyable stories.

In this context, tvN STORY conducts a channel-wide campaign called 'Story ING Campaign' to meet and introduce people in their middle adulthood who are active in leisure life and digital content consumption. Through the campaign, it is planning to discover and introduce those that lead the trends of the generation including orchestra and bike communities organized by the generation.

Kim Jey-hyun, head of CJ ENM's entertainment division, said, "'tvN STORY' wants to be a channel where people can share their memories and life stories during their efforts to build what Korea is today. It aspires to help its audience have an even more joyful today and tomorrow.” and went on to say, "As a channel tailored to the adult generation pursuing new values, tvN STORY will continue providing special pleasure to them with a variety of contents."