tvN's documentary “Shift – The Fate of Books” earns raves overseas

6월. 01. 2020
The tvN documentary “Shift – The Fate of Books (two parts),” which aired in December 2019, earned raves overseas. It won a bronze award in the feature documentary category of the “Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival” and earned a nomination in the “2020 Madrid International Film Festival.”

First, tvN's “Shift – The Fate of Books” with writer Kim Young-ha won the Bronze Award - Best Documentary in the feature documentary category of the “53rd Houston International Film Festival” as announced in May this year. The “Houston International Film Festival” is an awards ceremony that started in 1961 to raise the production motivation of independent filmmakers and to award films that have demonstrated outstanding creativity in the video field. It is considered one of the three major international film festivals in the U.S. with a long tradition along with the San Francisco Film Festival and New York Film Festival.

It was also nominated for the feature documentary category at the “2020 Madrid International Film Festival” scheduled to be held in August. The “Madrid International Film Festival,” held in Spain since 2012, is one of the international film festivals introducing new and fresh contemporary films as well as promoting independent films. The film festival introduces works from various countries/regions in various genres, including documentaries, feature films, short films, foreign films, and animation.

tvN’s “Shift” is a documentary that proposes a change of perspective on various topics in modern society. Airing from December 2019 to January 2020, “Shift” is a program that seeks intellectual pleasure through discovery, featuring four knowledge curators: Kim Young-ha, Kim Jeong-woon, Kim Nan-do, and Paul Kim. Each of them communicated with viewers on the subjects of books, space, trends, and education and received many favorable reviews.

In particular, in “Shift – The Fate of Books,” novelist Kim Young-ha met various personalities across the world to have a conversation about books and reading, and visited the birthplace of book civilizations in France and Germany to convey “the fate of paper books” and “the future of reading.” It has received a lot of attention, with reviews stating that it showed the insight of tvN’s “Shift” while talking about the past, present, and future of books from various perspectives.
Producer Yang Jin-woo, who directed tvN's “Shift – The Fate of Books,” said, "I started from the thought that 'reading' may not be essential and the right way in an era where things change quickly, and time is scarce. Through “The Fate of Books,” I wanted to make viewers think about the existence of books including whether reading is necessary, without forcing viewers."