Wild Korea' Awarded the Grand Prize at 'Korea UHD Award 2018’ at Opening Ceremony of 'Next Media Korea 2018’

12월. 03. 2018
tvN Factual Studio's documentary 'Wild Korea' won the grand prize of the 'Korea UHD Award 2018’ at the opening ceremony of the 'Next Media Korea 2018.’ 

'Next Media Korea 2018’ hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and organized by the Korea Radio Promotion Association and the Korea Communications Agency is an event seeking the future direction of the broadcast and media industry. In the category of 'Korea UHD Award 2018’ at 'Next Media Korea 2018’ held for two days on the 26th (Mon) and the 27th (Tuesday), CJ ENM tvN’s Factual Studio won the grand prize for its ‘Wild Korea’ acclaimed by judges for excellence in completeness. 

'Wild Korea' is a three-part documentary, a masterpiece that has vividly captured the wilderness of the Korean Peninsula, small but full of wonders, in the DMZ that separates the two Koreas. It was co-planned by Factual Studio and Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) of the UK while its production was completed with the participation of leading producers from home and abroad. 'Wild Korea' was first broadcast on the BBC2 channel in the UK in February, logging an audience rating of 6.08%, meaning that 1.71 million households watched it. So far, a total of 4 million households have watched the documentary, making it one of BBC2's top 7 viewing programmes in 2018.

At the awards ceremony, Lee Jae-hyeok, director of tvN Factual Studio, said, “Nature documentaries are an effective way to promote Korea’s UHD production capabilities internationally and to broaden the horizon of Korean-related materials. CJ ENM's Factual Studio will continue to produce high-quality BBC-level documentaries for domestic viewers while continuing to produce content that raises the status of K-doc globally.”

In addition to documentaries, CJ ENM's tvN Factual Studio deals with various other genres such as entertainment and digital media with a focus on 'fact-based' approaches. The studio has actively promoted the execution of MOUs, co-production, and joint planning with leading production companies and producers overseas, emerging as a mainstay in the global content market on the back of its excellent production capabilities. Most notably, Factual Studio with differentiated skills and experience in 4K UHD production is recognized as a production entity meeting ‘global standards,’ which is considered essential for international co-production. Meanwhile, ‘Wild Korea,’ the award-winning documentary, was aired in the highest quality on CJ ENM’s UHD TV channel UXN.

tvN Factual Studio has produced UHD documentaries and entertainment contents such as 'Breaking Limits,' 'Volcano Adventure,' and 'Color Holic' and broadcast them on its own channels and international channels. Currently, it is producing a martial art documentary called 'The Story of Master' scheduled to be aired in 2019, 'Making Idol' depicting the advance of K-pop idols in the US, and 'Dating Detectives', which incorporates big data and forensic techniques into a dating show.