<2021 MAMA> brings people together from all regions, races, and generations with K-Pop


The most-acclaimed K-Pop music awards ceremony, <2021 MAMA(Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS)>, brings global music fans together with K-POP, providing the venue for interacting with people regardless of their region, culture, or race. Over the past 12 years, MAMA has never relented in evolving and becoming the first starter with a variety of endeavors, such as holding the first K-pop music awards ceremony outside Korea, throwing the first awards show simultaneously in three Asian regions (Korea, Japan, Hong Kong), and having the first awards ceremony held at a dome concert hall.  


Especially, <2021 MAMA> brought together millions of voices from different regions, races, and generations, breaking down the barriers of prejudice and respecting each others worth and diversity. And also <2021 MAMA> put ESG in the spotlight delivering the message of Make Some Noise, Make It Better to global music fans.

As the most-acclaimed K-Pop music awards ceremony, we fulfilled our social responsibilities and spread our influence. We conducted a campaign of making cheering tools using recycled materials to make it easier for everybody to join in ESG activ[1]ities. We also developed AR filter for Instagram bearing an ESG message which enabled fans to create content on their own. Artists and production staff also participated in part of ESG-campaign to make the world better. To minimize the negative impact on the environment, we used fliers and notices made of recycled plastic. And we reused the outdoor signboards that were about to be removed to make cell phone cases to commemorate the event. At the backstage of the venue, eco-friendly lunch boxes made of biodegradable materials were used and more recycling bins were placed to facilitate recycling on the spot.