CJ ENM deeply sympathizes with and actively supports social efforts to value environmental protection. CJ ENM encourages appropriate recycling & upcycling of waste and leads eco-friendly activities to reduce environmentally harmful packaging materials.


Furthermore, CJ ENM has developed and patented adhesive-free ‘Eco-tapeless Boxes’, which do not use plastic tapes that are difficult to recycle, as well as the ‘Paper Hanger Boxes’. Our declaration of “Plastic Tape Out” to replace all plastic tapes with paper tapes in 2022 was another initiative for eco-friendly packaging. 


In addition, CJ ENM provided customers and suppliers with guidelines for appropriate packaging and waste separation through the ‘Eco Packaging Together Campaign’. We encouraged 9,000 partners to prevent waste from excessive packaging, and paper tapes worth KRW 100 million were offered to 30 partners in 2022. To fulfill the agreement signed with the Ministry of Environment for promoting proper waste separation of delivery packaging materials, CJ ENM has sent guidelines for order placement, delivery, and separate waste disposal of delivered products.


By joining Ministry of Environment’s 'The Multi-use Eco-friendly Packaging Pilot Project'* in 2022, we took the initiative in developing a system for the widespread adoption of reusable packaging bags and improving people’s awareness.


* ‘The Multi-use Eco-friendly Packaging Pilot Project’ promotes the packaging and delivery of products using reusable packaging materials, and the packaging materials are collected and reused.
The process goes ; Order placement-Pack with reusable packaging material-Deliver-Customer notification-Recollect packaging materials-Wash-Reuse