Bring Out The Best with Stories and Spread Good Impact of Content


CJ ENM sincerely communicates with people around the world through our unique stories. Amid the constantly changing environment, we deliver the Good Impact of Content with our mission as a global total entertainment company. We connect our stories with the world through sympathy to create new synergy across fields and boundaries, originality to make a difference with an unbiased perspective, and responsibility to understand the meaning and impact of our work and act with a sense of duty. 


CJ ENM’s contents 2022 aired touched and moved people deeply, made them happy, and invoked sympathy. Moreover, It also created positive changes in actions as well as thoughts through that experience.


tvN <Our Blues> is an omnibus drama depicting different life stories of 14 characters who were born and live in the beautiful Jeju island. The purpose of the drama is to convey the idea that our life is valuable and each person needs to be happy. This drama showed the stories of a female diver with a disabled twin sister, neurodiversity, premarital teenage pregnancy, and a lonely father who sent other family members overseas and struggled to cover all financial expenses by himself, unearthing discrimination and prejudice that we have ignored and comforting viewers by capturing the diversity of members of our society with a warm perspective. In particular, the characters with developmental disability and hearing impairment were actually played by actresses with those symptoms, changing the publics perception on disability and raising the issue of cripping up, which means the practice of a non-disabled actor taking on the role of a disabled character. 


And tvN <Unexpected Business 2> would be also another case of content which has ‘Good Impact’ as well. <Unexpected Business 2> is a reality show in which two actors are shown running a supermarket in Gongsan-myeon, Naju, Jeollanam-do where the town people frequently come and go to buy everything including grocery and daily necessity. Looking into the lives of people in the rural village amid the reduced face-to-face contact caused by COVID-19, the sincere and detailed stories of the warm town people generated great sensation and received positive responses from viewers.


tvN <Under the Queen's Umbrella>, ended the drama last December of 2022, is a drama about a queen struggling to foster her troublemaker sons into proper princes of the royal family. Despite its background of a fictional period within the Joseon dynasty, the story generated a sensation by depicting conventional social practices, gender issues, female identity, and the value of family love. In particular, the second episode covered the issue of sexual diversity with cross-dressing (*the act of wearing clothes generally perceived to be worn by the opposite gender). It impressed many viewers by not just setting the character as a sexual minority but also by telling the story of a mother embracing her sons true identity.


Like these contents, CJ ENM would continue to discover stories that gives pleasure and sympathize with based on authentic originality, further spreading Good Impact with content, and creating social value.