CJ ENM held 'Exemplary ESG SMEs Signboard Hanging Ceremony with Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership


In May 2023, CJ ENM held the 'Exemplary ESG Small and Medium Enterprises Signboard Hanging Ceremony' with Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership. This ceremony was held for partners selected as best ESG business in 2022 as part of the '2022 ESG support for Partner Project Agreement signed by CJ ENM and Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership in July 2022 for the first time in the TV home shopping industry.


CJ ENM contributed a total of 100 million won to the Win-Win Cooperation Fund and provided incentives for partners with exemplary ESG, while Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership comprehensively supported ESG education and consulting for SMEs partners with the KSA(Korea Standards Association). As a result, the average ESG compliance rate of 19 partners participating in the agreement improved significantly by 23.8%p from 44.3% to 68.2%, and a total of 10 partners obtained the ESG Excellent SMEs Confirmation certification under the name Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership. In particular, HL Science Co., Ltd., a partner selected as SMEs with commendable ESG management in 2022, recorded an excellent ESG compliance rate of 87.7% among 19 partners participating in ESG support projects. 


In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises that have been certified as leading ESG management SMEs can receive financial support export support environmental and energy R&D support. CJ ENM will actively support ESG management of its partners and take the lead in establishing a shared growth ecosystem so that ESG management can be internalized throughout our industry.