CJ ENM Studio Center, Eco-Friendly Multi Studio

‘CJ ENM Studio Center’, which will be the largest scale multi-production facility in Korea, is scheduled to be opened in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, in 2022.
The center has a total of 13 large studios in four different zones; an exhibition zone to interact with content, an engagement-type production studio, an open filming set and permanent studios as well as a themed open filming backlot in the forest.

On top of that, our target is to build an optimal infrastructure and one-stop production system.
The center fully accommodates the approximately 49,586-square-meter outdoor filming sets, the standing set production such as hospital and police station, a four-lane road for car scenes and special effect scenes.
This innovation will maximize the efficiency of the production process, including production period, cost, and staff travel, while far advancing the technologies to produce our unique content by utilizing the state-of-the-art tangible technology in virtual reality·augmented reality·special effect studios.
In addition, we will lease the workplace to small and medium-sized content production companies, leading to the vitalization of nurturing the Korean content industry, thereby creating a win-win scenario for the industry.

CJ ENM Studio Center is designed for energy efficiency by adding eco-friendly elements from the design stage for the first time in Korea as a multi-production facility.
We have maximized energy savings by installing LED lighting in each facility, heat recovery ventilators, toilet counter sensors, high-efficiency power transformers, remote meter-reading, and an automatic lighting control system.
In addition, we plan to build charging stations for electric vehicles in the facility in order to take part in efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

We also conduct biodiversity conservation activities such as protecting wild birds and setting up shelters for animals in green areas such as birdhouses are carried out by preserving green areas in and around the studio while opening a nature walking trail for nearby residents, which demonstrates our will to go hand in hand with the local community.