<CJ OCOP> <CJ OVOP>, The Shared Growth Programs for SMEs

 CJ ENM puts in efforts to cultivate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which serve as the foundation of the industry.


Since 2007, CJ ENM is helping agribusiness SMEs with potential to enter the market and settle in commerce eco-system through 'CJ OVOP (One Village One Product)' program. The first free-of-charge TV program for the agribusiness SMEs, 'CJ OVOP' has merchandised more than 120 products and recorded 61.4 billion KRW for the past 16 years.


In partnership with 'Korea Venture Agriculture College', CJ ENM searches for quality agribusiness SMEs and assists them with consulting services  concerning product development, quality inspection, contents production, sales strategy, and more. CJ ENM also gives the opportunities to feature their excellent products on CJ ENM sales platforms for stable distribution channel; half an hour of live stream shopping a day for five times in a week free-of-charge & opportunity to launch their products on CJ ONSTYLE e-commerce platform.

In addition, CJ ENM is operating 
CJ OCOP (One Company One Product) program for SMEs to support sales in collaboration with 'Small & Medium Business Distribution Center'. The live stream shopping channel program runs nine times a week for free-of-charge, and around 203 SMEs and small business owners have joined the program since 2012. The program has achieved over KRW 19 billion in sales by 2022 and has grown into a representative business of CJ ENM.



CJ ENM continues to strive to support SMEs to gain capabilities to grow on its own and create sustainable growth together.