CJ ONSTYLE Tech & Art Center, XR Studio

CJ ENM Commerce Division 'CJ ONSTYLE' which has led the industry through systematic research and enormous investment continuously in broadcasting facilities, established two LED Media Wall studios with new digital technologies in 2022.


With the LED Media Wall studios, CJ ONSTYLE is able to go beyond virtual reality (VR) and use extended reality(XR) technology in TV home shopping shows. The super-curved LED Media Wall with a smooth-curved surface and the XR realistic content based on Unreal Engine provide customers with a live, non-face-to-face shopping experience without having to set up and remove the sets necessary for stage production.


The XR Studio not only improves the broadcasting quality but also reduces waste effectively, lowering the use of wood and other consumable broadcast sets and cutting down energy consumption by switching to LED lighting. We will continue to implement eco-friendly management by creating a broadcasting environment that minimizes negative impacts on the environment.