Content and Commerce for Everyone

CJ ENM provides a closed caption service to enhance convenience for the disabled and the digitally vulnerable, and to meet the needs of users who want to enjoy content with closed captions. In addition to extending the Korean subtitle service, TVING introduced the closed caption service to more than 1,200 episodes in 2022, including the popular TVING which is CJ ENM OTT Platform originals like <Yumis Cells>, latest movies, entertainment, and foreign series. The closed caption service is intended for viewers who cant hear the audio, and includes the dialogue as well as any other relevant information such as speakers IDs, music, sound effects, and other non-speech elements. It is also possible to change the size and font of the closed captions for the viewers convenience.


In addition, CJ ENM Entertainment Division carried out special ESG activities related to our content <My Library Reader> aired in 2022. tvN STORY <My Library Reader> is a unscripted show that offers insights and answers about humanity and life from books that are difficult to read by oneself. In the show, famous Korean scholars provide explanations and lecture about various books, and in 2022 the books and insights covered in the show were put together and published as a book. To make everyone enjoy the story without barriers, CJ ENM’s employees including production staff joined the volunteering activity named ‘<Read Together’, which turning book into e-book for the visually impaired. In addition, CJ ENM donated some profits from the sales of book to ‘ITLO Open Library’, a library for the Disabled.


And CJ ONSTYLE under CJ ENM Commerce Division provides "sign language customer service" for the hearing impaired and "mobile same benefit service" for the visually impaired. The sign language service aims to provide smooth services to customers with hearing impairment for product inquiries, orders, delivery, exchanges, returns, and after-sales services through PC video calls. To enhance shopping convenience for visually-disabled customers who have difficulties using mobile devices, we provide the same benefits as mobile app orders with price-off coupons, points, and credit card discounts when they order through our professional customer care assistants.