Content Creator Program <O'PEN>

O’PEN means to provide ‘open’ opportunities to create their content for those who dream of becoming a writer (pens). This is our CSV(Creating Shared Value) project to discover and develop the next generation of creators throughout
every stage from content writing developing and production to business matching in cooperation
with our production subsidiaries, STUDIO DRAGON, WAKEONE, etc.
Starting with drama and film categories in 2017, we broadened the scope of beneficiaries of this project to music (composition) in 2018 and to the short-form digital content category in 2020.
CJ ENM has produced and helped launch the careers of over 200 storywriters and 73 songwriters to this date.

O’PEN STORY – Single-Episode Drama, Film, Short-Form
O’PEN STORY presents an open opportunity to those who dream of becoming story tellers.
The selected writers are provided with many perks as well as education programs.
The benefits encompass funding for content creation, mentoring services by top-notch directors and writers,
special lectures·seminars, workshops, field trips·coverage and in-depth interviews to help them reach
higher levels of completion. On top of that, they are allowed to use the space for creation(O’PEN Story Center),
including shared or personal writer’s rooms, meeting rooms and the lounge without time constraints.
The O’PEN Story Center serves as a cradle of creation where O’PEN writers’ imaginations turn into reality
while providing a unique opportunity for experts across a broad range of fields to interact with each other.

The selected script writers in the category of single-episode dramas
and shortform originals receive a 10-month training course to plan and develop original series while writers,
selected in the film category, further develop the winning scenarios and design new original scenarios.
10 originals are produced as single-episode dramas by STUDIO DRAGON
and aired on tvN’s annual drama project 'O'PENing'. In addition, we invite domestic and overseas investors, distributors,
and production companies to match their works with the right partners after their training.

O’PEN MUSIC - Composition
O’PEN MUSIC offers an opportunity to aspiring composers.
The selected creators for O’PEN MUSIC can enjoy abundant perks, including funding
and space for content creation, and mentoring services by the industry’s leading composers.
Well-structured curricular are also provided, including special lectures regarding composition, songwriting, mixing, recording and production, along with opportunities for practice.
We also help them actively communicate with various music experts through Song Camp.
Furthermore, we provide them with opportunities to participate in drama OST production,
to work on the recordings of artists or broadcasting sound source, thereby leading them overcome
the high barriers to entry and the unstable environment.
In addition, we provide supports to motivate creators to continue in their various pursuits.

Follow-up Support through the Agency
CJ ENM assists creators who are completed O’PEN’s curricular to become full-time writers or composers.
The talented creators could find the opportunities through biz-matching.
We also help them to plan, develop and commercialize their works.
We also spare no efforts to provide a stable environment for them to work on creation by giving welfare benefits,
such as health check-ups or vouchers for cultural events, and conducting activities to protect their rights.
By doing so, we play a leading role in creating a sustainable business ecosystem.