Content Inspiring Environmental Action, <Earth Cleaners>

In December 2022, tvN STORY <Earth Cleaners> was presented as the second story of the series ‘Let’s Read, Environmental’ that combines ESG with humanities content. At the infotainment environmental conference ‘Let’s Read, Environmental’, held for the first time in 2021, about 50 celebrities took part to share an in-depth study of the environment from an academic perspective for about 7 hours so that viewers can easily understand and sympathize with environmental issues in our daily lives.


tvN STORY <Earth Cleaners> aired in December 2022 with the slogan ‘Environment is a matter of daily lives’ we shed light on special environmental stories created by small actions around the world to protect the environment and enhance sustainability. For the first time in Korean entertainment, we met the founder of the Plogging1) to talk about the earth and the environment. Also, we shared and introduced eco-friendly cultures from different countries around the world, including Sweden, Canada, Vietnam, England, and Antarctica. In this way, <Earth Cleaners> spread environmental culture in daily life. In addition, many celebrities participated in environmental protection activities together with viewers so that a culture of environmental practice could take root in Korea. A lot of celebrities joined voluntary eco-friendly activities such as plogging(combination of the word ‘jogging’ with ‘picking up litter’), opening a 'vegan burger booth' to serve homemade vegan burgers.


As the second story of ‘Let’s Read, Environmental’, <Earth Cleaners> was also aired through the YouTube channel of 'Sapiens Studio', a CJ ENM’s digital insight platform, with various environmental lectures with experts in each field. By introducing CJ ENM's untold stories, we give awareness and inspired people to act, spreading ESG values through content.