ECP Initiave


The ECP Standard is CJ ENMs commitment to sustainable future of the content industry.


At CJ ENM we love continuing to journey for creating captivating content. In its long journey to find the true originality beyond the barriers of age, generation, and language, CJ ENM is answering the question of sustainable content and the industry that allows our stories to remain in viewers hearts for a long time. In order to accelerate to create sustainable content industry, we should minimize negative impacts on nature to recapture an environment where nature and people coexist, and ensure that all creators and staff members who joined the production process are respected together.


The ECP Initiative is an open consultative group that creates principles, standards, and common commitments for the members involved in production in order to strengthen the sustainability of the content industry.


CJ ENM, along with the Korea Creative Content Agency, launched the ECP Initiative so that ESG can be practiced from the beginning to the end of the whole content production process. The ECP Standard is divided into the natural environment ecosystem sector and industrial ecosystem sector, and a total of 12 standards have been selected by reflecting major global ESG agendas including global initiatives, UN SDGs, and UNGC 10 Principles as well as opinions from actual site of content production. ECP Initiative is divided into 2 categories which Natural Environment Ecosystem and Content Industry Ecosystem and includes a total of 12 standards which are ▲Forest Protection ▲Water Security ▲Animal Welfare ▲Energy Efficiency ▲Carbon Footprint ▲Recycle & Upcycle ▲Workplace Safety ▲Workplace Wellbeing ▲Diversity ▲Creator Rights ▲IP & Copyrigt ▲Fair Trading.


CJ ENM expects The ECP standard to serve as a guideline for implementing sustainability for internal and external stakeholders and the content industry, as well as provide a compass that presents sustainable growth and direction for the future.


Content is never able to be created by efforts of one person alone. Even a single episode of content can be created only when people with various stories, thoughts and concerns come together. Recognizing this, CJ ENM launched the effort to establish a virtuous circle system in which the entire content industry can participate beyond our own ESG activities, and create an environment in which we can move forward together in the right direction. We will share opinions, take meaningful steps together, and create sustainable big changes in the content industry.


We launched the initiative in the content industry for the very first with representative K-content producers who had similar opinions regarding this purpose and goal. The ECP Initiative is an open consultative group, with 23 companies and organizations including the Korea Creative Content Agency joining together currently. CJ ENM will take the lead in promoting ESG values through content and lead the sustainable content industry.