<Hospital Playlist Season 2>, Spreading Social Impact

'Hospital Playlist Season 2' is a drama series about ordinary yet special lives of people and friends with a 20-year friendship set in a hospital depicting their everyday life.

Its production intention was to deliver a light-hearted story of empathy rather than to simply move viewers.
The second season covered organ donation in 5 out of the 12 episodes in total.
The lines and scenes of the drama not only resonated with viewers but also brought a change to the perception of organ donation which, in turn, contributed to increase in registration rate for organ donation.

According to the Korea Network for Organ Sharing(KONOS), the number of people who registered to be an organ donor tripled compared to the same period of the previous year, during the six weeks from July to August when the organ donation episodes were aired.
After the airing of episode 7 regarding the organ donation process and the donation after brain death, the number during the week increased by 11 times year on year.
Considering the difficult situation where it was hard to promote the organ donation campaign as usual due to the prolonged COVID-19, the impact was more meaningful.