Leading Safety and Health management culture in content industry

CJ ENM has established a safety and health management policy considering our stakeholders under the philosophy of ‘leading the safety culture with management that prioritizes safety, health, and environment in all areas that create enjoyment for the customers’.


With this strict management policy, CJ ENM Entertainment Division has acquired ‘ISO22031 BCMS’ and ‘KSBCM-296’ which are designed to help organizations prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from unexpected and disruptive incident in 2022.


ISO22301 BCMS(Business Continuity Management System) is an international standard certification for business continuity management systems, which assesses the ability to normalize business activities within a short period of time in the event of a business outage due to various risk factors such as natural disasters, fires, supply chain disruptions, and diseases. For broadcasting company, it can be certified only when a system that enables stable broadcasting production and transmission in the event of a crisis is established. In addition to production and transmission systems, CJ ENM has been comprehensively reviewed and certified in various fields such as infrastructure management, communication, and finance.


Also CJ ENM Entertainment Division has obtained the ‘KSBCM-296’, a certification from Ministry of the Interior and Safety that evaluates and certifies companies that establish and implement disaster mitigation plans according to disaster management standards in Korea.


With these standard and certification, CJ ENM has been recognized as exemplary company which has a high standard of Safety and Health management system.


CJ ENM would continue to put all our endeavors to reinforce the Safety and Health management system for protecting all our stakeholders.