<Let’s read: Environmental>, Climate Change Enlightenment

CJ ENM held its first infotainment environment conference in 2021.
With 50 domestic and overseas public figures and celebrities in attendance, the conference provided an opportunity for us to take a close look at environmental issues for a seven-hour discussion from the perspectives of literature, philosophy, science and arts.

is a new concept of entertainment content providing a mix of ESG and the humanities.
The very purpose of this content is to enable viewers of various generations to get a grasp on environmental issues in our daily life in an easy manner. To this end, the conference provided diverse programs including one-person lectures by environmental experts, daily activities conducted by celebrities for environmental protection, global environmental issues raised by overseas celebrities and performances by stellar artists.

We were joined by many famous lecturers including mind miner Song, Gil Young, futurologist Jeong, Ji Hoon, professor of College of Medicine of Yonsei University Chang, Hang Seok and atmospheric scientist Jo, Cheon Ho.

They delivered their lectures on the correlation between our lives and the environment from the viewpoint of macro aspects encompassing scientific technology, disease, climate change, history and others. 

They also talked about the direction humanity should be headed. 

In the second half, we had physicist Kim, Sang Wook, cognitive Scientist Kim, Sang Kyun, art historian Yang, Jung Moo and cognitive psychologist Kim, Kyung Il. 

They showed us how the environment can be dealt with in various fields of the humanities, such as digital, physics, art and psychology. 

One of the subjects they covered was ‘how to save the planet through the metaverse’. 

Diverse opinions were also shared on how to reduce environmental damage to the minimum at present. 

On top of that, celebrities across a broad range of fields joined this conference to deliver the message emphasizing the gravity of the environment, thereby showing their robust will towards the efforts to protect our planet.

In line with the thrust of this conference, efforts were made to minimize the environmental impact from on-set construction. 

We used pictures drawn by children under the theme of ‘eco-friendly’, environmentally friendly or recycled products, and assets for production stage.
Some of the materials and set components of existing stages were recycled and reused to build stages.