Odense philosophy for sustainability, ‘THINKS TO THINGS’

CJ ENM enriches odense’s special thoughts dreaming for a more valuable world and products and turns them into objects.
‘THINKS TO THINGS’ is an essence of odense’s philosophy for the environment and society, enabling new perspective.
It creates a brand-new virtuous cycle structure that is conscious of environmental and social values.

In order to provide the highest quality products to customers, odense spends a good amount of time selecting tableware made of ceramics.
Although they are crafted with know-hows and researched on ceramics for a long time, it is inevitable that not the most highest quality items can be produced due to the characteristics of ceramics.
Around 200 tons of high-quality products, but not enough to be qualified by odense’s craftsmanship, are thrown away yearly even though there is no problem with using them.
Against this backdrop, odense joined the zero-waste movement through ‘THINKS TO THINGS’ for the purpose of minimizing the waste through the selection process.

Profits by selling products through ‘THINKS TO THINGS’ are donated so that they can be used in more valuable places.
The donation goes toward meals for children in need, wishing for their happier and healthier growth in the future.
For transparent usage, we donate the amount to ‘CJ Donor’s Camp’, a sharing and donation platform for children operated by the CJ Welfare Foundation.
The donations are collected once a year to serve memorable meals to children nationwide.
Upcycling waste and donating profits are part of ‘THINKS TO THINGS’, thinking highly of social values, thereby ultimately targeting the creation of a virtuous cycle structure through materials.