Responsible Eco-Friendly Packaging

CJ ENM is well cognizant of social issues and plays a leading role in responsible packaging.


In 2009, endeavors began to reduce over-packaging with the adoption of shipping boxes tailored to item types.


In 2017, we started using paper packing materials instead of vinyl air caps, eco-friendly cold storage packaging instead of ice packs and styrofoam harmful to the environment, and paper hanger boxes instead of unrecyclable non-woven fabrics.


Furthermore, in 2019, we introduced an ‘eco tapeless box’ which doesn’t require vinyl tape which is impossible to recycle, thereby taking the initiative in terms of eco-friendly activities. With the aim of contributing to the transition into a resource circulation society, we voluntarily signed an agreement for the mitigation of packaging materials with the Ministry of Environment in 2019.


In addition, we are phasing in “three materials-free packaging” which means no vinyl(plastic), non-woven fabric and styrofoam. And this is the first movement in the TV home shopping industry. The 3R (Reduce, Redesign, Reuse) policy has also been formulated.


We have been persistent in developing relevant technologies and our efforts have paid off. We have two model utility rights related to eco-friendly packaging materials while reducing the usage of around 77.7 tons of plastic from October 2017 to September 2022.

These achievements led CJ ENM to win awards three times in the eco-friendly category by the Ministry of Environment from 2019 to 2022.


Our efforts engage our partner companies as well.


Eco-Packaging Together’, launched in 2020, is a campaign encouraging our partner companies to join hands in preventing the overuse of materials.

To this end, we have shared our optimal packaging specifications and guidelines with them. In this campaign, we distinguish damage-prone items, such as cosmetic products, glass containers or kitchen appliances from items not prone to damage, such as textiles or miscellaneous goods, to set standards for packaging space ratio and recall guidance for each. It also includes the details regarding Eco-Packaging materials such as paper tape or paper packing material. As of now, about 9,000 SMEs are joining this campaign, and we are going to drum up support for the campaign, attracting more partner companies.