Stories of Gender Diversity, tvN O’PENing <XX+XY>

CJ ENM operates a CSV (Creating Shared Value) program, named ‘O’PEN’ which means “’O’pen” opportunities for those who dream of becoming a creator or a writer (“Pen”), to discover and develop the next generation of storyteller and music composer in the process of content planning, development, production, and business matching.


During the process of 10-month training, drama writers develop drama series and film script writers modify and create new film scenarios. Among the chosen scripts, those that can be adapted into videos are produced by STUDIO DRAGON and aired on tvN’s drama project ‘O’PENing’.


<XX+XY>, which is one of the project O’PENing’, is a 4-episode drama about a high school student born with the XXXY double gender, showing the path of finding ones sexual identity and future direction. 

The story of growing up with thoughts about one
s identity as a social minority has drawn enthusiastic responses from viewers, conveying the value of gender diversity and sexual orientation.