<Street Woman Fighter>, Spotlight on Minority Genre


'Street Woman Fighter' is Mnet reality survival show to find the best street dance crew in Korea.


Unlike the globally renowned K-Pop artists, the dancers who do their splendid performances were somewhat less exposed to the public.


The reality survival show, was set with the intention of bringing up the street dance genre, which was considered a minority culture, when compared to the mainstream. The program casted dancers from teens to their 30s, presenting a variety of performances encompassing various genres including K-Pop, Break-dancing, Hip-hop, Locking, and more.  

Throughout the episodes, the dancer's passion, top-notch skills, and sincerity for dancing changed the general perception of dancers, leading to the growing popularity among the public. In addition, by putting female dancers in the lead, the show was praised for opening up the door for women.


'Street Woman Fighter' not only expanded the territory of K-Pop, but also drew affirmative social awareness and positive discourse.