tvN <Let There Be Joy First(ZZLGUN CHEIL)> campaign filled with sustainable joy


With the hope of returning to pre-pandemic normalcy, and let people rebuild their worn out soul and body at the end of the year, CJ ENM held a special year-end campaign titled <Let There Be Joy First(ZZLGUN CHEIL)> at Scène seoul located in Seoul from December 1 to 25, 2022. The campaign, created based on tvN’s brand identity, offered visitors with a fresh and wide variety of brand experiences through its content, enabling them feel a special sense of healing and solace, warm social sharing, and joy. The campaign ended successfully with about 40,000 people visiting the venue, including guests from 14 countries such as the USA, Spain, France, the UAE, and Japan.


tvN is making efforts to spread sustainable joy around the world through our captivating content. With the use of tvN’s loved content and a creative campaign concept, the campaign carried various ESG value-based activities out, such as resource recycling, fund-raising for donation, and support for marginalized communities, delivering sustainable joy and positive impact to our society. Also, tvN held a donation project called ‘Joyful One Meal’ in collaboration with CJ Nanum Foundation’s donation project Resonance of One Meal’ which has been since 2017, providing potentially underfed children with special meals as well as opportunities to have a fun dining experience.


Joyful One Meal’ project was held not only at the popup store located on the campaign venue but also online, making it easy for anyone to participate in. The profits from the sale of beverages and bakery during the campaign were donated by tvN and Scène seoul together. This ‘Joyful One Meal’ donation project, which matches every amount collected in a 1:1 ratio, received donations from more than 20,000 people, collecting a total of KRW 55 million. In January 2023, the campaign provided special meals designed to create a fun dining experience to 3,200 children in 160 community childcare centers. In addition, we aimed to minimize any negative environmental impact throughout the campaign, starting from the planning phase. We used reusable construction materials before and af ter the campaign to reduce waste, and repurposed CJ CheilJedang’s ready to serve rice product, Hetbahn, containers collected from CJ CheilJedang’s Hetbahn container pickup drive to create objects that were exhibited at the <Let There Be Joy First> venue. Furthermore, the leftover materials of tvN merchandise were upcycled and repurposed as staff uniforms on site. These eco-friendly activities, including resource recycling activities, made the campaign more meaningful and added environmental values to the society. According to a survey conducted among campaign visitors, 88% of respondents answered that they thinks tvN’s efforts towards(ESG-based) ‘Sustainable Joy’ would deliver a good impact to the society.