'VP Stage' of CJ ENM Studio Center, Eco-friendly Studio


CJ ENM Studio Center is the largest studio complex equipped with the greatest number of shooting sets and the first one-stop production system in Korea. From the designing stage of the production complex, CJ ENM considered energy efficiency and maximized energy savings by installing LED lighting in each facility and applying an automatic lighting control system.



In March 2022, CJ ENM Studio Center opened the Virtual Production Stage(VP Stage). The VP Stage is equipped with the worlds first LED Media Wall covering 360 degrees of walls and ceiling with micro-LED lighting. With the advanced technologies of real-time rendering solutions and camera tracking system, the VP Stage enables the creation of vivid content that transcends time and space.



Through this LED Media Wall, it is also possible to minimize waste by reducing the need for repetitive installation and removal of shooting sets and to cut or even take out special effects for water, fire, smoke, etc. By replacing location filming with virtual production, and thereby minimizing physical transports that generate large amounts of greenhouse gas during the production process, we can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions.