World’s No.1 K-POP Awards <2022 MAMA AWARDS>

<2022 MAMA AWARDS>, bonding people and transcending language, barriers and generations within music, was held at the Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan, on November 29 and 30,2022. Based on the this year’s concept of ‘K-POP World Citizenship’, <2022 MAMA AWARDS> concluded the year 2022 that the whole world had overcome the pandemic together, through the power of music spreading good impact such as hope and empathy to everyone. <2022 MAMA AWARDS>, previously known as <MAMA(Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS)>, rebranded itself in alignment with its continued global expansion beyond Asia and the shifts in the music industry across the globe and marked its presence as world’s No.1 K-POP Awards which present a new direction and future for K-POP.


<2022 MAMA AWARDS> carried the values of K-POP encompassing challenge, passion, dream, growth, expansion and singularity and delivered the good impact of music with the concept of ‘K-POP World Citizenship’. To promote sustainable K-POP, <2022 MAMA AWARDS> launched official light stick produced by recycled Hetbahn containers returned by consumers, as part of its effort to reduce plastic waste and promote resource recycling activities. Approximately 3,000 Hetbahn containers were collected and processed into clean plastic raw material, which were then repurposed as the handles of 500 light sticks of <2022 MAMA AWARDS>.


Also, this is the first time that community self-sufficiency centers, responsible for separating and cleaning the containers, have been able to generate a profit through ESG activity. All the profits from selling these official light sticks will be used to create green spaces in our near community as part of CJ ENM’s ESG activities to preserve environment and biodiversity in 2023. Going forward, CJ ENM and the <MAMA AWARDS> will continue to dedicate ourselves to spreading the good impact and true values of K-POP around the world.